Mastering e-commerce is pivotal to achieving success with a business’s Internet-based platform. Businesses invest an enormous quantity of resources into their online presence, in an effort to draw potential customers to their websites which provide access to their products and services.

In order to achieve this, most businesses use a combined approach, spreading their presence across a multitude of social media services in order to improve their chances of exposure. Alongside social media, launching a website provides a business with a powerful tool for e-commerce. Directing interested parties to a business’s website can significantly improve the odds of converting them into a customer.

1. E-commerce tools

Websites have access to a large variety of e-commerce tools, which entice many organizations to sell their products and services through their website. While this is effective and common practice, understanding how to optimize a website to increase the conversion rate of its visitors is a must in order to maximize sales potential.

Website operators have access to a limited set of information that can be useful for optimizing the customer experience, but often times the data is too obscured or insufficient in quantity. In order to alleviate this problem, website operators can install a variety of visitor tracking and behaviour monitoring software, which provide deep insight into visitor habits. Using this insight, businesses can transform their websites into the enormously successful marketing tools that they desire. While the benefits provided by tracking software are numerous, we’ll examine a few key features.

2. Real-time tracking

Visitor tracking software has the powerful capability of tracking how long a visitor spends on a specific page, or with a specific interaction. By combining real-time data with bounce rates, businesses can identify which pages are holding visitors’ attention, and which are not. Understanding how long a visitor spends in the conversion process, and where visitors drop out of it, is invaluable for improving a websites effectiveness.

3. Track visitor locations and numbers

E-commerce is a global marketplace, and as such attracts customers from all over the world. Understanding where your visitors are coming, and how many there are, can be incredibly useful to sales teams. If a series of teams are pitching to a variety of global markets, having access to data that exposes which markets are responding can assist sales teams in identifying which efforts are finding success, and which need improvement.

4. Visitor interaction heat-maps

One interesting set of data collected by tracking software comes in the form of heat-maps. Tracking software can monitor the mouse movement and interactions of each visitor, and even individual keystrokes and page scrolling. While this data may seem strange at face value, it provides unique insight into the way each visitor is interacting with the website. By determining where the mouse is, as well as how fast or often a reader scrolls through a page, it becomes possible to measure how effective any given page is at grabbing a visitor’s attention. With this information in hand, website operators can modify specific parts of a web page or interaction to improve the conversion process.

5. Data-driven web design

By utilizing the wealth of data provided by tracking software, businesses can redesign their websites to improve or eliminate the weak points in the sales process and accentuate the successful ones. Data-driven web design is a proven method of improving a websites’ ability to convert visitors into paying customers. By examining visitor habits, from time spent on a page to direct interactions, marketing teams are better able to craft effective sales strategies.

There are countless additional benefits of utilizing tracking software, and it would be impossible to examine them all here. Undoubtedly, the data provided by tracking software can be useful to any business seeking to further tap into the enormous e-commerce market, and vastly improve their profit margins.

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