An automated phone system set up might be a good thing for the business, but from a customer’s point of view, it can be annoying. Someone may just have a question which they want answered quickly or perhaps to schedule an appointment. Instead, they have to go through prompts and in the event a wrong digit is pressed, they will have to start all over again!

Apart from that, it also seems so impersonal, almost as if the business has no time for customers. In fact, it can even cost you if you had an automated system for incoming calls. Let’s take a look at why it would be better for a live person answering your incoming business phone calls.

1. A Human Can Be Like A Salesperson

A business should treat a person who answers calls as part of the sales team. First impressions count and when a customer is greeted by a friendly, polite and professional person, it can make a difference. A potential customer may have some general questions because they are interested in your products or services. When talking to a person, they could eventually be ‘sold’ and may buy from you.

A customer can also get transferred to the person within the company who is best suited to help them. If an automated voice greets them, it could turn them off, or they may not have the time or patience to go through prompts. Some people will even press the “0” button in the hope that it will bypass the automation and go straight to a person.

2. Loss Of Sales

Believe it or not, an automated system can actually cost you sales. People are busy, stressed and impatient. Someone with a problem who needs a quick resolution is not going to be very happy to press this number and that number. They may hang up from sheer frustration. Perhaps initially, they were excited about what you had to offer but lost interest because of the difficulty in reaching someone quickly. It would be better to use a professional answering service or even a virtual assistant or receptionist (which can be more economical) answer calls promptly and professionally.

3. Timesaver

Ironically, an automated system may have been implemented to save time but may actually have the opposite effect. A customer has to go through the options to possibly get to the right person. If a person initially answers, then the customer can be directed to the right person or, they could be helped immediately by that person there and then.

4. Automation Can Cause More Anger

Sometimes, a customer may call because they are infuriated and wish to make a complaint. Perhaps they received a faulty product or money was taken when it should not have been. They are already angry, so when they get an automated voice telling them to press this and that, by the time they get through, you can expect that they are going to blow their top. An automated system could amplify a situation that could have been diffused by a human.

An automated system could cost you money even though, ironically, it was set up to save it. It can be more economical as well to hire a service where a real person answers each and every call. A real person can show empathy and can help a customer quickly and even sway a potential customer who is sitting on the fence to come on board and increase sales this way.

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