Most companies take good care of their employees and It is rare to find an employer being unfair to their recruits. However, there are situations that arise at the workplace that an employee cannot control such as a wrongful dismissal or accusation. During times like these, hiring an employment lawyer may be a good decision.

There are many unpleasant but subtle workplace issues that can make work distressing like harassment, discrimination and conflict. These issues have led employees to resign and look for other opportunities even though the job was a right fit for them. Employment lawyers help with difficult situations at work. They can also help with all general employment requirements.

Here are five important reasons to hire an employment lawyer:

1. Wrongful Terminations

There are many cases of wrongful terminations. These actions have repercussions for employees and their families. With no income, many families can lose their home and other investments. Lawyers understand the impact terminations have on employees and want to ensure that when companies decide on a termination, they have really thought it through and tried all possible ways to reprimand the employee or resolve the differences. There must be a Just Cause for termination and the employment lawyer will be able to determine whether any workplace termination was really a Just Cause.

2. Contract Negotiations

Negotiating an employment contract requires a thorough understanding of the legal system and Employment Acts. An employment lawyer will be able to review a contract and highlight areas that are inadequate and can be problematic for the employee in the future. It is important for the employee to seek legal advice to ensure that no terms and conditions are unfavorable in the long run. Contracts should not only benefit the employer, but should be prepared in a way that provide mutual benefits to both parties. Lawyers have the experience to negotiate various types of employment contracts that reflect the needs of the employee they are representing.

3. Severance Packages

Severance pay is a delicate matter as it is a result of an employee losing his or her job or being laid off. Companies that downsize and reduce jobs issue a severance pay. Under these circumstances, an employee can be entitled to a pay that goes beyond the statutory requirements. This is the main reason why an employment lawyer needs to be hired. Lawyers ensure that the employee is reasonably and satisfactorily compensated.

4. Workplace Conflict, Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination, harassment and conflict are difficult actions to prove and well disguised. Conflict can arise in a variety of work settings and are common disputes between co-workers. It is not easy to report this action unless there is substantial proof. An experienced employment lawyer can evaluate the employee’s situation and various incidents to determine whether there is a case of discrimination or harassment. Discrimination is not limited to religion, race, gender or age. In fact, it can simply be a situation where a hard-working employee was never considered for a promotion.

5. Employment Law Expertise

Employment law incorporates various acts that protect the rights of the workforce and provides equal opportunities to all employees regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnic background or gender. The law guarantees a safe and fair workplace for both employers and employees alike. Employment lawyers are proficient with all the Acts and can guide both employers and employees on proper employment conduct. The complication of legal and emotional issues surrounding employment requires proper legal guidance. Specialized employment lawyers can resolve workplace disagreements and conflict without escalating issues or creating any hostility amongst the parties. They have the expertise to settle workplace issues at end in a mutual agreement.

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