There are so many types of injuries that can cause someone to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer and file a claim. People get injured in so many ways. If someone else is responsible for the injury, then they may be entitled to personal injury damages.

Of these, some tend to be more common occurrences than others. It must also be said that under personal injury, you can also include both psychological and emotional damage. Injuries can occur in a car, slipping and falling in the park or any number of ways. This can have an adverse effect on the person and seriously ruin their quality of life. Here are some types of personal injury claims.

1. Defective Product

Products should be safe when used the way it was intended. Even the law states this. A manufacturer may be held liable even though there may not have been any negligence. Sometimes, unsafe products do get released. In the event that a defective product causes you injury, you may be entitled to damages.

2. Injury From Dangerous Drugs

Remember that the drugs we take when we are not well are also products. They also have strict safety standards. However, accidents will happen and occasionally, unsafe drugs get through. This can lead to lawsuits against the drug companies.

3. Car Accidents

This is one of the most common causes of personal injury claims. Drivers should have liability insurance. So many factors will come into play, such as police reports and common law violations. The best thing you can do if involved in a car accident is to get hold of a good experienced lawyer with a great track record, as this can help you get the damages you are entitled to. A lawyer can also help you get a settlement quickly. They will file documents within specific time limits and meet with experts during their thorough investigation.

4. Negligence & Public Liability

This is another very common personal injury claim. These occur in a public place, which will be the responsibility of a public organization or even a corporate organization. Perhaps a safety sign on a wet pavement was not in place when the accident happened, or not complying with provincial codes may be the reason for someone slipping and falling. This would be a negligence claim. When in a public place or in a store or shopping mall, they have a duty to make the premises safe. If they created the danger or left the danger unattended to, you can file for damages. Again, the best thing for someone in this position to do is to contact a personal injury claims lawyer.

5. Medical Negligence

Doctors by law have to provide patients with competent care. If and when they don’t, many things can go wrong and the patient can suffer from irreparable damage or could even die. Faulty equipment or expired or incorrect medication can be considered medical negligence. It does not have to be the doctor; it can also be caused by the medical institution as well. Medical malpractice allows patients or loved ones to at least be able to gain some kind of financial compensation as a result of a doctor’s negligence.

As mentioned, personal injury can occur due to so many other things such as assault, occupational injuries or even from a dog bite. The best thing to do is to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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