Perhaps you are wondering why it is necessary to invest in a personal ballet barre. Ideally, you want to practice the craft at home to maintain your physical and mental momentum. You can also work out at home to advance your fitness goals, practice a technique, or to cross-train.

The main objectives of training at home are to stay active, keep your muscles fluid in order to prevent injury, or recover from an injury. Rather than improvise with other items in the house, to be sure you are getting the best out of your practice, you need to invest in a personal ballet barre and here is why:

1. A Personal Ballet Barre Meets the Industry Standard

When you invest in a personal ballet barre, you will be using equipment that is both safe and effective. These two attributes of professional training, safety and effectiveness, are often compromised when home equipment such as a chair, stool, countertop or windowsill is used instead. The chances of getting hurt while practicing with unconventional improvised equipment are very high. This is because such items may not have the stability and the proper height required when practicing a dance or fitness technique.

2. To Maintain Proper Posture

As noted above, improvised ballet equipment may not be up to the required standards. Such non-standard equipment can exert a lot of pressure on joints and muscles that could result in injury due to improper posture. In ballet, one should maintain the correct posture when practicing various routines.

A variation in posture could mean too much weight is exerted disproportionately on a particular area, which could lead to an injury. Some of these injuries could be immediately apparent while others become evident over time. Incorrect posture also decreases muscle strength and mobility during exercise. This undermines the importance and benefits of training at home. It is never a good idea to practice with an unstable support.

3. Different Types to Meet Your Needs

As mentioned, personal ballet barres are designed to meet the established industry standards for safety and effectiveness. You can choose from innovative high-quality designs that emphasize stability, durability, and strength. They can also be customized for use in personal home gyms or in commercial studios. Choices range from floor, wall, and also portable ballet barres.

Using wall and floor barres to exercise conditions your muscle and acts as a perfect stretching exercise. It is important to focus on one technique at a time and gradually introduce other techniques as your body gets the hang of the exercises. Portables barres are ideal if you intend to move your training from one location to another.

4. Safe and Effective to Use

The advantage of using industry standard barres is that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. They are designed with safety and high performance in mind. Rather than risk injury by using improvised ballet barres such as chairs, a kitchen countertop or tables, you are better off with a barre that has passed all the industry standard tests. This is very important if you want to get the most out of your ballet training. That perfect mind and body are within your reach if you use approved ballet equipment that does not pose any safety threats.

The barre craze has been on the rise in recent years. It has evolved from just a favourite dancing pastime to a rigorous stay fit routine that has become a lifestyle most people are increasingly adopting. The advantage of a leaner, stronger body has made barre a popular exercise routine. Due to the concentration and coordination required during barre training, you also become mentally strong as you progress.

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