It is your child’s birthday and you are extremely excited. The weather forecast looks perfect for the outdoor party, family and friends are coming, and food, beverages and the cake have all been taken care of. While you are positive that it will be a fun, enjoyable day for all, you are having second thoughts and you fear that your child and his or her friends will grow bored with what you have planned or it is not enough to keep them busy. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone and there is no need to fret.

Many people in this situation have turned to renting a units offered by party rental companies to add some fun to the party they are planning. These consists of a plastic structure filled with air that children of all ages can jump and play in. Below are benefits of renting one for your child’s birthday party.

1. Fun for all ages

Most of the guests that you invited to your child’s birthday are probably around the same age as your son or daughter, but you may have invited other family members and neighbours. This means people of all ages could potentially be in attendance at the party.

Bouncing houses do not discriminate by age, allowing children as young as 4 right up to children approaching their teens to use it and it is guaranteed not to disappoint. Bouncing houses offer a wide variety of options so the guests at your party will be accommodated and these can include units with various sizes, heights, and themes.

2. Healthy

Not only will a bouncing house offer guests an opportunity to have some fun, they can get some exercise by using it. By jumping for hours in the bouncing house, children at the party will be able to get a great cardiovascular workout and burn off excess energy. This is especially important in an age where children do not get nearly the amount of exercise they need.

Instead of inviting guests to your child’s party and most of the day is taken up by video games and consuming a large amount of snacks and sugary beverages, rent a bouncing house and let them participate in some physical activity without them really even realizing it because they will be having so much fun.

3. Keeps children occupied

The last thing you want to have happen is guests become bored because they will not have a good time and they may even look to you to occupy them. Bouncing houses are popular with kids, offering hours of enjoyment in and of themselves. They can be set up with sliding boards, ball pits, and slides to make them even more enjoyable for your child and their guests. When the children are occupied with a bouncing house, adults at the party can visit with each other and enjoy some relaxation knowing that their child is safe and having fun.

4. Easy

Bouncing houses look intimidating but the truth is, you do not have to worry much about them. When you rent one, the party rental company will deliver the unit, set it up, and take it down at the end of the day with rental times varying usually between 5 and 10 hours.

4 P are typically clean and well-maintained, providing your child and their guests a fun-filled atmosphere for the party. If you are worried about injuries in the bouncing house, there is usually only one point of entry for the unit meaning you can effectively control how many children are in the inflatable at once.

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