As with any career choice, deciding to enter the education sector should be thought about carefully before embarking on this path. Teaching is a unique type of job that requires specific personality traits for success.

It certainly is an interesting and varied job that reaps many rewards and offers the ability to make big changes in children’s lives; however, it is not without its challenges and pressure.

Before starting your teacher training journey in the education sector, consider these few points first:

1. Are You Doing It Just for the Holidays?

Many people enter the teaching profession purely for the holidays. It’s understandable that professionals with families would look for a job that fits around their own kids’ schooling, but always be aware that different schools and colleges can have different term dates, meaning yours may not always coincide with your children.

Not only this, but they are not truly holidays as you will still be expected to do a heavy load of exam marking, planning, and training during this time. So, while the holidays are a benefit, if you are only considering being a teacher for this reason, it may not be for you and your heart may not truly be in it.

2. Is Making a Difference Important to You?

If so, then teaching could be the perfect career for you. A good teacher can make a real difference in the lives of students every day, helping to mold future generations. Teachers spend endless hours with students, and this time can be used to really change the direction of a person’s life and watch them grow and learn before your eyes.

You can ensure each student is not only educated on a specific subject but is taught valuable life skills to apply to their future. If you are not passionate about doing this, then it may be wise to step aside and let somebody else take this role. But if this sounds like your calling, then take the leap.

3. Are You Good with Change?

There is nothing repetitive about teaching. No two days are ever the same, and no matter how much planning you do, no lesson or subject will ever run exactly as you expect it to. No students are identical and so no lesson or day in the life of a teacher will be identical either.

You may be faced with varied and out-of-the-blue problems each day, such as students’ personal issues or the need to alter your lesson for students’ intellectual needs.

If you resist change and like to know exactly what your job entails each day, then teaching probably isn’t for you. If you are a flexible, accepting individual, then you would be perfect for the job.

4. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Teaching is not the highest paying job. If you were hoping for a great salary with minimal work, this is not the profession for you. Although salaries aren’t low and are better in some areas of the country than others, teaching will not make you extensively wealthy.

However, this must be balanced with all the other benefits received. For example, teachers often get great pensions and good health benefits, such as vision and dental care, along with paid sick and personal leave if needed. You also get the entire summer off. With these considerations in mind, the salary is reasonable and balanced, especially when you factor in snow days and other days that are given throughout the year.

If you believe you have the skills and passion needed to become a teacher, then it will be a very rewarding career for you to take and one you will not regret when you see the changes you make every day.

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