There was a time when the limousine was the be all, end all of party vehicles. Nothing screams “good time” like a big stretch limo! Whether you’re attending a prom, a wedding, or a party, there are few more stylish ways to arrive than one of these wonderful vehicles.

Those who have no experience with limousines or renting them may find themselves pondering whether or not there are things to know before entering that elite world of epic party rides. Luckily, this guide will take a close look at five good things to have in mind when renting a limousine.

1. Aim for a Weekday Rental

Typically, most events that warrant a limousine entrance take place on the easy, relaxed days of the weekend. Therefore, most limo services are incredibly busy on those golden days known as the weekend. If at all possible, it is very worth renting on a week day. You may get a decent discount on service and there will be a much wider range of time slots to choose from compared to Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

2. Get the Most out of Your Rental

Renting a limo should be an experience that you want to share with friends! I can only imagine how boring and uninteresting a solo limo ride would be, as you would be robbing yourself of the point, as well as the fun.

If you’re spending good money on a rental, then you should probably try to pack your limo as full with as many fun people as possible. Just make sure to ask your limousine service about the capacity of the limo you’ll be renting. It’s also a pretty good idea to not rent a limo that has far more space than you’ll need, as those are a bit more expensive.

3. Take all Expenditures Into Consideration

You should know that in most cases when renting a limousine, the price you’re given is typically just the base price. You will often be charged for how much gas is used during the trip, parking fees, and road tolls. This is why it is important to know exactly where you will be going before you rent, and you should be thinking about those extra fees just in case.

4. Be Extra Careful Regarding the Rental Service

There are many limousine services in the world, and, naturally, not all of them are particularly on the level. For instance, there are some with even more hidden service fees in the form of bottles of wine graciously presented in the back. Some of those can be extremely pricey once opened without warning.

Plus, you probably will want to examine the vehicle beforehand. A service with nothing to hide will most likely have no issue with this, but one that isn’t so great may be trying to hide the fact that your rental has been partied in a few many times, way too harshly. If you can imagine for a moment some of the downsides of a party in motion, you might catch my drift.

5. Shop Around Before Deciding

Let’s face it: This luxurious service doesn’t come cheaply. A service worth buying is rarely cheap, but renting a limousine doesn’t have to completely break your bank. So, just take a look around at your local limo services and compare prices, vehicles, and services. Try to find out about all of the hidden fees, attempt to figure out how much you’re allowed to get away with, such as bringing your own drinks aboard, and which vehicles are available to you. Not all limos are created equally, but you’re sure to have a swell time in the vast majority of them!

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