Choosing a packaging company is no small feat for any business, regardless of their sizes. This decision will have a tremendous impact on any business. Here are some guidelines to assist you in picking a packaging company:

1. Functionality

The purpose of packaging is primary to this kind of decision-making. Size and shape are definitely features that need to be considered, as these will affect shipping costs. However, the type of packaging needs to be decided upon prior to size and shape. There are three types of boxes: folding boxes (an example is a cereal box), rigid boxes (an example is a gift box), and corrugated boxes (an example is a moving box). The purpose or function of the packaging will help with decision-making.

2. Branding

The ability of brand packaging is significant to decision-making. A brand of a company or product is similar to a person’s personality. It defines the company or product. It is designed to be instantly identifiable in a positive way by consumers. It is what will separate the company or product from competing companies and products.

Powerful branding will use the elements and principles of design (colour, shape, line, texture, pattern, contrast…) to influence the consumer on a psychological level. It is important to create a pleasurable experience for a consumer.

3. Cost

The cost of packaging is crucial to decision-making. Typically, the cost of packaging is between 10 to 40 % of the product’s price. It is important to keep the costs in mind when marketing and delivery plans are being considered and implemented. If not, profit targets may not be reached. It is important to remember the packaging costs or it could be all for naught.

4. Sales

The demographics of consumers are essential to decision-making. Companies need to understand the demographics for their products. They need to know what separates them from other companies and products. Consumers have very short attention spans and make decisions on an emotional level.

In seconds, consumers will either buy or not buy the product. Trends in products will influence whether or not a consumer will deem the product desirable, and therefore, marketable.

5. Eco Friendly

Eco friendly or sustainable packaging is becoming more popular, not only to consumers, but to entrepreneurs. So why go green? Quite simply, because more and more consumers are aware of the multiple environmental issues regarding consumer waste management. They want to reduce their eco footprints and are looking for companies, that will help them achieve this personal goal. There are many campaigns such as the “Buy Naked” campaign that encourages consumers to avoid purchasing products with excessive packaging or to leave the excess packaging at the retail stores’ cash registers.

Consumers will connect the brand to their eco friendly personal goals. This connection nurtures brand loyalty. Moving to eco friendly packaging will not only build brand loyalty and sales, it will also reduce packaging and manufacturing costs, as packaging becomes more streamlined. Finally, we must remember the adage: People do not do business with businesses; people do business with people.

By going to eco friendly packaging, the company is no longer a company, but people who care about the consumer in all areas. This is a concept that is invaluable in today’s competitive economy.

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