The simplest rule of advertising is to be present where your customers are present. Which is why Point Of Purchase display has become such an integral part of every marketers advertising mix. POP display helps you make that one final impression on the customer while the customer is with the intention to buy.

When it comes to POP display, you need to form a partnership with your POP collateral provider, to make sure that they are always able to assist you with all your marketing needs. To form this partnership, there are a few things that you need to know upfront. There will be a lot of providers to choose from too.

If you are looking for a POP display provider, make sure you ask them the following questions first.

1. Options

The key in advertising is to stand out from the competition. If every competitor is opting for a certain kind of POP display, make sure your looks different so it will stand out from the crowd. While your designers may be able to design this different POP, your POP provider needs to be capable of producing what you exactly need. Also, ask for the different options the provider has in store so you are never running short on ideas for how to make your brand more visible.

2. Timelines

Advertising is always a time sensitive activity. You need to be prepared with all your collaterals before the holiday season begins if you want to advertise during that period. In some cases, you may want to cash in on an existing trend and need your POP collaterals as soon as possible. Which is why it is always necessary to ask your POP provider about their turnaround times. You don’t want to get your Christmas season collateral in January.

3. Costs

If you invest a lot of your marketing money in POP, saving cost on the production can help you save a lot of your money. The cost of getting something made can depend on a lot of things. This includes the design, the colours, and the deadline. Make sure you are aware about all the costs involved in making the things you need beforehand, so when it is time to print something, you are not wasting any time negotiating the expenses.

4. Innovation

A lot of POP providers have now taken it upon themselves to come up with innovative display solutions for their customers’ needs. Ask your POP collateral provider if they are into innovations too as this can help you make a mark in the minds of your customers in an effective way. You may be surprised by how many times marketers see the POP solution first, like its application, and then make the designs to help implement the new POP solutions.

5. Customization

Sometimes, you may come up with an idea that fits perfectly with your brand but has never been done before. You should always ask your POP collateral provider with how comfortable they are in making something customized, something that they have never made before. It may cost you a little more than the usual POP solutions, but it will also ensure that your advertising has a greater impact than that of your competitors.

6. Delivery & Installation

It is not a bad idea to ask your POP collateral provider if they offer delivery and installation services too. In many cases, the delivery of the collateral would be at the places where they need to be installed. Make sure your provider has all the resources necessary to ensure timely delivery. And since they spend a lot more time with POP display than you, they would also be more efficient in installing everything that you asked for.

Once you have the answers regarding everything mentioned above, choosing your best POP display collateral provider would no longer be a tough decision to make.

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