Looking to start a new phase of your life in Canada? This blog post gives you a few insights on how immigration lawyers help make immigration a smooth process!

1. They Assist You With The Citizenship Process

Applying for citizenship is a slow and challenging process. There’s a lot to be aware of, and it’s easy to make mistakes, especially if English isn’t your first language. Mistakes make the citizenship process take even longer.

An immigration lawyer can help you avoid many common errors that applicants make. An immigration lawyer will help you gather the documentation you need and guide you with accurately submitting your records. Assembling all the necessary documents is a tedious task that a lawyer can take out of your hands. Using a lawyer is an excellent way to ensure you don’t miss filling out any documents or submitting crucial information.

2. They Can Help You Defend Your Citizenship Status

If for any reason you need to fight deportation or address allegations made about your citizenship, an immigration lawyer is the best weapon to arm yourself with.

There’s simply too much to know about immigration law for you to take on these tasks by yourself. An immigration lawyer will help you prepare a case to protect your rights as a citizen. They will speak to the court on your behalf and assist you in appealing any decisions that force you to leave Canada.

 3. They Can Advise You On The Best Approach To Your Application

Depending on your situation in life, there are different ways to approach migrating to Canada. An immigration lawyer can help you analyze your personal situation and help you find the appropriate visas that you should pursue. For example, if you’re a skilled worker, a lawyer would help you get an employment visa. Once you get a work visa, completing the citizenship process becomes much easier.

An immigration lawyer will also help you navigate bringing your children with you and any marriage or divorce issues. The laws surrounding your family and immigration can get confusing, and it’s best to have someone on your side.

4. If You’ve Been Convicted Of A Crime

Your immigration application can still be approved if you’ve been convicted of a crime; however, there are likely to be a few extra steps. Even if the charges against you have been expunged or dropped, you must still disclose your entire criminal record. An immigration lawyer will help navigate this process and adequately submit all your documents.

A common mistake people make is thinking they need a criminal lawyer for this type of situation. An immigration lawyer has the expertise to help you navigate the application process despite your criminal record.

5. If Your Prior Applications Have Been Denied

If you keep getting refused then it’s likely you need help with your application. An immigration lawyer will help you figure out why your request was denied and guide you on making your application better. Your lawyer will analyze the situation and advise you on if it’s best to appeal the denial or resubmit the application.

6. If You’re Having Trouble Securing An Employment Visa

If you’re having trouble getting an employment-based visa, then you should consult with an immigration lawyer. Employment based visa applications are generally more complicated than regular applications. Your lawyer will help you communicate your needs with your employer and the immigration offices.

An immigration lawyer is a valuable source of support for people looking to start a new life in Canada. Immigration lawyers can help you navigate all the confusing legal jargon that causes you to make errors on your application. Make sure you take advantage of their services to make your immigration to Canada as smooth as possible!

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