Making sure that you are constantly looking for ways to optimize the productivity of your team is vital to stay a market leader. A solution that has been proven to streamline the process of data entry, data management, communication, file sharing and much more is mobile forms. Here are 8 ways that mobile forms can make every aspect of your business run with greater efficiency.

1. Fast and easy

You can build forms that will suit your business’s specific requirements with ease. You will be able to give your team a tool that will allow them to input all of the relevant data in no time. This is not only faster and more secure than handwritten forms, it also makes sure that no data is missed or illegible. Also, there is no processing time with a form, as the moment it is submitted, the information is already available to your in-office team.

2. Integrate your other systems

If you have other systems and programs to manage the communication to your customers, then it is very easy to integrate them into your mobile form technology. This can speed up the time for the right communication to be sent to your employees and customers at any time of day.

3. Get everyone on the same page

Having the ability to arrange a meeting at a time that suits everyone can be a long and frustrating process. With a mobile form, you are able to keep track of everyone’s avails and even use the information submitted by your employees in the form into your outlook or google calendars.

4. All of the information is in one place

With online forms, you will not need to spend a lot of time in excel inputting the data you need to examine. You can simply use the data gathered by your forms and start digging into the data straight away.

5. Get employee feedback with just a few taps of a phone

No longer will your HR team have to spend hours putting together a survey and exporting the data from one program to another. With the use of mobile forms you can see the data from surveys and other inter-office communication with ease.

6. Get the information to the right people in real time

Say you want to be notified when a certain service has been completed, or you have a team that manages the customer service of clients from a specific area. It is possible to have a mobile form set up that either you or the team that needs the information get notified as soon as the data comes in. This can be a huge help when it comes to learning exactly what it is that needs to be done and by whom.

7. Go paperless

Going green is just one of the many benefits of mobile forms. It is also a lot more secure and you can avoid the risk of losing important customer information. Once the data has been submitted, it simply will not be lost from your secure data storage.

8. Electronic signatures from anywhere!

Imagine the scenario where you need to make a change to a contract on the fly, out in the field. Do you need to leave the location with a client, head back to the office, then meet again in a days time to sign the new paperwork? This has the potential to lose a sale.

Mobile forms can eliminate the need for this and the new contract can be ready for electronic signature in no time at all. Also, you will be able to get confirmation from clients that a service has been completed with an electronic signature as well.

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