Most people love dogs and there’s a reason why they are considered our best friends. They are loyal and give us unconditional love, they greet us when we come home by wagging their tails and getting all excited. However, they are still animals and just like humans, they can have a bad day.

It’s up to owners to be responsible and keep them safe and on a leash. Sometimes though, accidents will happen and you could end up being bitten by a dog. You consider suing the other party, but before you do, here are some points to consider first.

1. You May Know The Owner

If you or your child is bitten by a dog, there’s a possibility that you may know the owner, since many dog bites occur near your home. It can be quite shocking and in anger, you consider suing. However, after you think things over and you’ve calmed down a little, you question if suing is the right course of action. Perhaps you have a good relationship with the dog’s owner. If you took him or her to court, this relationship will very likely be over.

However, if the injuries are not overly severe and the owner is happy to work something out with you, it may be better to sort this amicably.

2. Compensation Takes Time & Isn’t Guaranteed

If the injuries are severe and you decide to sue, you may be entitled to damages for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred that’s not covered by the government. You may be compensated for the loss of any personal items that were damaged, such as glasses or clothing. The same goes for lost wages if you had to take time off work. A permanent injury may cause emotional distress which you can get compensated for.

If you sue, you need proper documents and estimate what you should receive, but this is a long and tricky process and it’s not guaranteed that you will get it. At this point, you will definitely need the services of a personal injury lawyer.

3. Before Suing, Consider The Situation

Sometimes, depending on which province this occurred, there may be grey zones that could also work against you. Dogs, being territorial, will be protective of their home. If you happened to go to someone’s home and the attack occurred, you may need to prove that your presence there was honourable and you had no bad intentions, such as to rob or damage property. If you can’t prove that you were not there to steal (or anything else), then you may not win.

4. Think About How A Lawyer Can Help

Not all dog bites end up in court and can actually be settled out of court. You may receive compensation much sooner too. However, if you really feel that your situation needs to go through the legal system, then it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer. Make sure that they have experience in dog bite injuries. They can help you plan a course of action to work in your favour. It does take a lot of time, effort and money.

Depending on how serious it is, you can either settle it out of court or sue the owner with the help of a lawyer. Either way, the main thing is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, and in your favour.

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