You are looking for new high-quality luggage, and you are considering getting more information about Tumi briefcases and travel bags. After all, you have heard that Tumi had one of the most loyal brand following in the luggage industry. Here are 8 facts that will convince you to buy a Tumi.

1. Tumi travel bags are a worthy investment

Some people are discouraged by the price tags they see on Tumi luggage. However, if you ask any Tumi luggage owner, they will tell you that they are proud of their investment. It’s worth paying more, to have the peace of mind that you will not lose your belongings because of a cheap, affordable travel bag.

2. Tumi travel bags are extremely lightweight

Many Tumi travel bags are made of a durable and lightweight nylon, with leather trims. They also have different models of hard-side luggage. Hard-side luggage is usually lightweight and not really convenient, but Tumi is taking convenience to the next level with many interior and exterior pockets and compartments.

3. Tumi luggage is perfect for international travelers

If you are going on frequent international travels, you will be happy to know that Tumi has designed many models of carry-on luggage for international travelers. These carry-ons are just a little bit smaller than the ones used only for domestic travels.

4. Tumi travel bags feature many unique innovations

Tumi is an innovative brand. Their high-quality travel bags feature many innovations inspired by leading industries, including an exclusive ballistic nylon fabric, reinforced hard-side lugagge corners, and secure zippers and shoulder straps.

5. Tumi luggage has been thoroughly tested

Innovating is important, but thoroughly testing lugagge to make sure it can meet the needs of real people in real life is even more important. Everything Tumi sells has gone through a series of tests, so you can be able to fully rely on your Tumi luggage.

6. Tumi luggage often features TSA locks

Many models of hard-side Tumi lugagge feature a TSA lock. TSA locks are combination locks that TSA agents can open with a master key if they need to, without the need to input the combination. These locks can help you avoid any problems at the airport.

7. Tumi Tracers can help you find your lost luggage

Each piece of Tumi lugagge comes with a Tumi Tracer, an affixed metal plate that can be registered to your name and address. If you ever lose your luggage, the Tumi Tracer will ensure anyone who finds it will know how to return it to you.

8. Tumi travel bags look great

It’s important to mention that Tumi travel bags also look incredibly stylish. They are available in different collections, colours and finishes, and you are sure to find at least one model that you love. Next time you go to the airport, take a look around to see how many Tumi travel bags you can spot.

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