Getting a divorce can be a complicated process during some of the most stressful times. Whether the separation goes smooth with details agreed upon from both sides, or if there is a battle all the way through, there are many areas where a divorce lawyer will help.

If everything is agreed upon by both sides with no conflict, the process will still take around 3 to 6 months to finish, and the legal counsel can often help you save more money than what is being spent on them. They are also there to make sure you are not being taken advantage of in a situation where you may be unaware.

The real complications come when the two parties need to resolve their disputes in court. In this case, it is absolutely vital to have a good divorce lawyer, and this is where they really become worth the money. These cases could take years to resolve, and issues of child support and alimony will be ruled on by a judge if mediation was not enough to establish terms.

1. What am I paying for?

Any good divorce lawyer will cost a lot of money, but there are multiple ways they can make it work while. Firstly, they know the laws that are being addressed. The know what rights you do or not know have, and they will have an understand of certain precedents that could impact your strategy. There are many complications that can get in the way if you decide to represent yourself, and a judge will not be sympathetic to someone because they did not get proper representation.

2. How to manage the paper work?

One of the biggest things that could get in your way is paper work. There are tremendous amounts of paper work involved in these court cases, and there are a lot of opportunities for mistakes. A lawyer will know exactly what is going on, and what documents are needed for every situation. In addition to the mistakes that could hurt you in court, there is far too much physical work to be done with paper work in these cases. In addition to legal protection, divorce lawyers alleviate much of the unnecessary strain in an already difficult situation.

3. How do I find a lawyer?

The most important thing is finding a lawyer who works directly in your area. It is important that they are completely familiar with the exact issues you are addressing in the case, and that could vary even amongst different divorce cases. The lawyers will bill the same way, and they will get paid for all hours they are being consulted, and the additional work they put in while working on the case. These cases can often lead to hundreds of hours that will be billed, making it even more important to do your homework before getting a lawyer.

4. Where to find references?

Reference are always a useful tool. You can find people who had to deal with similar issues presented to you, and they can inform you on their ability to work that kind of case. There will be different lawyers that are better for child support disputes, as opposed to lawyers that are better suited for property disputes of alimony.

5. Is it necessary?

If there is any kind of dispute involved, a divorce lawyer should bring a lot more help than financial harm they cause. The only case where self-representation may be a viable option, is if there is universal agreement. If any dispute is involved, it is not just the mounds of paper work and knowledge that they take responsibility for. The money at stake in a property dispute will often be significantly more than what is lost by paying the lawyer.

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