In Canada alone, studies on chronic fatigue syndrome have showed that the condition is worse than previously thought with almost 600,000 people reportedly having the disease. This condition is characterized by extreme tiredness that does not go away with adequate rest and cannot be explained by the presence of an existing medical condition. While improvements have been reported by people with chronic fatigue syndrome with lifestyle improvements such as decreasing caffeine, physical therapy, and composing sleep routines and antidepressants, success has been limited.

As a result, more sufferers are visiting naturopaths in an attempt to combat symptoms of chronic fatigue symptoms more effectively. If you suffer from this condition and feel frustrated and defeated trying to alleviate symptoms, below are the benefits of seeking the assistance of a naturopath to assist you.

1. Analysis

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be an anomaly with many different factors being possible culprits causing the condition. Things such as diet, sleep patterns, allergies, stress, low iron, and an underactive thyroid can cause chronic fatigue and consequently an inability to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Seeking the assistance of a naturopath should be the first step in determining a definite cause of your chronic fatigue syndrome and doing so can definitely help.

The naturopath at your first appointment can review your medical history and get information about the above-mentioned factors that can allow them to get to the bottom of what is causing your chronic fatigue. This in turn will allow them to develop a treatment plan that will address your condition and effectively alleviate its symptoms.

2. Specific plans

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cure to chronic fatigue syndrome as people lead different lives. As mentioned there are many factors responsible for the condition and the presence of one for one person does not equal the presence of it in another.

Naturopaths understand this and as a result they are able to compose treatment plans tailored to each patient and their circumstances. For example if a patient maintains a poor diet but thyroid tests show nothing abnormal, the treatment plan’s emphasis will be placed more on diet alterations.

3. Natural treatment

Many people are apprehensive about taking prescribed medications due to the fear of dependency from prolonged use, interference with other medications, and side effects. As portrayed by its name, naturopathy offers alternatives that are natural and therefore can be seen as more desirable to sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome. Instead of prescribing medications, naturopaths often recommend different courses of action when attempting to treat chronic fatigue syndrome such as diet modifications, vitamins including iron, D, or B12, exercise, botanical medicine, and alterations to sleep patterns.

A treatment plan offered by a naturopath takes a holistic approach to treating you, meaning that all aspects of your lifestyle are taken into account and aims to improve your entire health that can then play a role in combating your chronic fatigue syndrome.

4. Therapy

In the off-chance that natural treatments provide ineffective in treating your chronic fatigue syndrome, therapy is another tool that naturopaths have in their repertoire that can help you in your fight. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the process of identifying thinking errors and faulty emotional responses and attempting to substitute them with healthier thought patterns and behaviours.

This has proven effective for sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome as both of these issues can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. Another method of therapy used by naturopaths to treat chronic fatigue syndrome is exercise therapy. This method composes a regimen of physical therapy and complying with it has shown positive results in terms of mood and wellbeing.

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