When the weather starts to get better, it is time to hit the yard. Some people love yard work while others may prefer that it stays minus 30 the rest of their lives! Anything to avoid it, eh? However, it has to be done, whether by yourself or by calling in the lawncare professionals.

If it is something you do, and if you happen to have pets like cats and dogs in particular, you want to keep them safe. Some dogs want to ‘help’ their masters, even if it is just to keep them company. Let’s take a look at how to keep your pets safe while you are doing yard work.

1. Assess The Property

If you know that your dog will want to be with you when you perform yard duties, then the first thing you should do is to prepare the property by assessing it first. If you are going to mow the lawn, check it for any stones, pebbles, sticks and other objects. These objects can be powerful projectiles and can hurt your cat or dog badly.

At the same time, make sure to pick up any bones, leashes and especially toys that happen to be present and put these away. The last thing you want is for your dog to be tempted by a toy and coming too close to your mowing equipment.

2. Don’t Leave Anything Unattended

You must make a habit of turning everything off and making sure never to leave any dangerous equipment unattended. Leaving something in the “on” position while your pet is outside could be disastrous. Remember, dogs are curious animals and if there’s some equipment on the ground, they may decide to investigate. They may accidentally turn on a switch with their nose or paw and this could be fatal.

As cute and funny as this situation may be especially if all ends well is one thing, but if it goes the other way and an accident occurs, it won’t be cute. Haven’t we all seen images of a dog barking at and trying to attack a vacuum cleaner? Weirder things can happen, so don’t take chances.

3. Choosing Mulch

The use of mulch is of course, a good idea, but you also need to learn to choose it wisely. When you are spreading it about, do not let you dog chew on the bark. Mulch can have a strong odour which can attract your dog to investigate the fresh scent and they will stick their nose right in! If you have dogs, do not ever get mulch with cocoa because it will contain both theobromine and caffeine. These are dangerous to dogs. In fact, chocolate is dangerous (and possibly fatal) to dogs and chocolate can contain these ingredients, which is why it’s dangerous. Always read the label and make 100 percent sure that the mulch you buy is pet-friendly.

One more important point to remember is not to over-fertilize. About 3 times a year is good enough. Some pets have been known to eat organic fertilizer, so when you fertilize your lawn about 3 times, which is more than enough, then there are fewer chances of pets ingesting any toxic chemicals. They are our family too and you want them to be as safe as possible.

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