Whether you decide to do them yourself or hire a professional, home repairs are part of the responsibility of being a homeowner. It’s important to stay consistent with your maintenance efforts to prevent problems from getting out of hand. Being proactive with your maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs in the long-term. Here are five upgrades you can make to help your home last longer and appreciate in value.

1. Switch To A Metal Roof

Upgrading your roof comes with many significant benefits. Metal roofs, in particular, are among the strongest roofs available on the market. You’ll pay more for a metal roof; however, you’ll also save money by not having to maintain or repair your roof as often.

If you live in an area predisposed to fire not only is a metal roof a must, upgrading may also qualify you for a discount on your home insurance. Metal roofs can mimic clay tiles, slate, and wood designs, so you don’t have to worry about your roof sticking out. Metal roofs give you a lot of aesthetic flexibility.

Unlike asphalt and other types of roofs, the finish on your metal roof won’t crack. Most metal roofs are equipped with a 40 to 50-year warranty. All you need is a quality undercoating to protect your roof from rust.

2. Take Advantage Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is easy to install, inexpensive and remarkably easy to maintain. Laminate floors can mimic many different designs without incurring additional cost for special materials.

Laminate floors come with a transparent plastic layer that repels scratches, moistures, and stains. You won’t have to worry about refinishing your floor during its lifespan. Laminate flooring is also exceptionally stable and won’t be affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

If you need an immediate and inexpensive way to upgrade your floors, laminate material is your best option. Laminate floors come with a life expectancy of over 25 years and some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties. All you need to do is sweep and vacuum as needed.

3. Upgrade Your Plumbing

Consulting with a plumber can be an excellent way to boost longevity in your home. Problems with plumbing can quickly escalate especially if left ignored for a while. Plumbers can help you upgrade your systems and reduce your water and energy consumption.

One quick fix you can try is to enhance your sinks by replacing old washers. When washers get worn out, your tap is more likely to leak and waste water. Upgrading your washers is a quick fix that can save money on utilities and enhance the quality of your taps.

Getting a plumber to look at your hot water tank is always a good idea. Simply clearing out the sediment in your tank can increase performance and decrease energy use. It’s a good idea to have a plumber come in yearly to drain your water heater and clean the surfaces.

4. Get Your Air-Conditioning Inspected

Air conditioning is often disregarded when it comes to home maintenance. It’s important to catch problems with your a/c early since repairs are usually expensive. It’s worthwhile to have an expert inspect your unit semi-regularly.

One area you can inspect on your own is the condensation hose. If you notice standing water where the line drains, create a drainage path to prevent mold and algae from growing on your propriety.

Another area for inspection is the screen around your a/c unit. Keeping the screen free of dust and debris is an excellent way to decrease how much power your unit uses and reduce the wear and tear on the internal parts.

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