Problems with your front door can occur at anytime. The issue that many find is that they always seem to occur at the worst possible time. If you have lost your keys, or your keys are locked inside the house then you probably have no alternative than to call a reputable locksmith in your area for help.

If, however, it appears that your key is not working, or you are staying at an unfamiliar location like a rented property and you are unable to unlock the door you should not panic. This is called a mechanical lockout. This means that there is a fault with the locking mechanism that is preventing the key from opening the door. If you ever encounter this problem, you will probably need a locksmith. However, there are a few things that you can try to get the door to cooperate first.

1. Jiggle the key around a bit

This isn’t exactly the most technical of language, but the first thing to try is to insert and remove the key a few times then try to unlock the door again. It’s possible that there is some dirt in their preventing the lock from working properly. Also, if you have any lubricants that you can apply to your key, this may also help in getting the mechanism to behave.

2. Lifting the door as you try to unlock

Doors can sometimes become a little warped or hang a little lower over time. This puts pressure on the bold in the lock so that when you try to turn the key, the weight of the door is fighting you. By simply lifting the door a little bit to take the weight off the bolt, the door may unlock a little easier.

3. Try pulling the door towards you

You can also try pulling on the handle towards you too it the lifting method fails to work. This can help address the problem of the locking mechanism being misaligned, which can often happen with older doors.

So, now you’ve tried everything, you need to make sure that your locksmith is legitimate and can be trusted. Here’s what you need to do.

4. Ask for a quote over the phone

You should be able to get a quote for their services over the phone, if they don’t provide one, then you should take this as a warning sign. After establishing your location and the type of door that they will be working with, the locksmith should be able to offer you a quote then and there. Also, ask then what the acceptable forms of payment are, this can save you some headaches when they arrive.

5. Do they drive a company vehicle?

A legitimate locksmith will need to bring with him a whole host of tools and equipment, if they do not arrive at your home in a company car then you should be concerned about how professional they are.

6. How do they answer the phone?

To make sure that you are calling the business you are looking for, they should ask the phone in a professional manner, stating the company name. If they answer with simply hello, this may be a side business, and not to be trusted.

7. Do they have ID?

Locksmiths are not in a regulated profession. However, if the locksmith has come from a reputable company, they should have a company ID, or at the very least, a business card.

Making sure that the locksmith that you have called can be trusted is very important as you will be allowing them entrance to your home and giving them a clear understanding of your security system. Sticking with companies that have a proven track record is a must.

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