What accessories do you need in a boat? This is perhaps one of the most critical questions that first-time boat owners ask themselves. While you are out on the waters, the safety of everyone on board is crucial. Below are ten must-have fishing boat accessories:

1. Screen Cleaner

This may not seem like an essential accessory when you are on dry land. However, out there on the water, it’s necessary to keep your electronics are functioning. Getting water sports on your screens is inevitable, and so are oil marks. Having a microfiber towel and some screen cleaning spray is all you need to keep your screens clean and useful.

2. Spare Propeller

Your fishing expedition will be over should your propeller conk out, unless you have a spare prop. Having a spare propeller in the boat is not just an accessory, it’s a necessity. It does not have to be the most expensive prop in the market. As long as it can get you through the remainder of your expedition and safely bring you back to the boat ramp, you are good to go.

Before purchasing a spare propeller, always make sure you check with your boat dealer to ensure the specifications and requirements match the profile of your watercraft.

3. Life Jackets

Let’s just say no one ever hopes to have to need an inflatable jacket. However, wearing one can literally keep you alive. If you are looking for life jackets that are compact and therefore easy to store, the inflatable PFDs are highly recommended. Compared to traditional life jackets, these are more comfortable.

4. Fishing Rods

These are among the most essential boat accessories. You need rod holders if you plan to spend the day out on the water; otherwise, you may have to stand throughout the day, with a rod in your hand. This could be very tiring and unnecessary since a rod holder can do the job for you. With a rod holder, fishing is that much exciting; you get to chat with your fishing buddies, or just gaze into the waters as you wait for the rod to do a ‘jiggle.’

Once your rod holder jiggles to announce a catch, the next step is to bring the catch onboard. Assuming you’ve caught fish, you would want to know how much it weighs. For this, you need a quality, dependable weighing scale. Make sure you have a good one on board before you set off.

5. Fishing Equipment

One of the most essential fishing boat accessories that you will need is a berley cage. To make fish come to you, hang a berley cage behind your boat. The best ingredients for a berley cage depend on what works for you. Experiment with different ingredients until you get what works for you.

Some fish are not easily baited with dead or artificial baits. Using live baits is therefore essential when baiting these selective fish. However, to keep the baits alive, you will need a bait tank.

6. Bathiscope

Sometimes it’s hard to spot anything under the water, especially when the sun is too bright. Luckily, there’s an accessory that can help you see whatever is happening under the water. It is called a bathiscope. It allows you to see under the water, even when the sun is out and gleaming. It looks like a traffic cone with a clear bottom.

7. Line Cutters and Pliers

Having these fishing boat accessories is a no-brainer. With a functioning pair of needle-nose pliers, you can get hooks off fish. You can use them to unhook a carpet, clothing, and even a hand. Have a few of these line cutters in different locations on your boat so you can always access one whenever a situation calls for it.

8. Waterproof Containers

Your important documents and items should always be protected. You never know when a mishap could occur. Having a waterproof case to hold essential items and documentation, such as Mapping SD Cards, fishing licenses, and insurance documentation, is a reasonable thing to do.

To protect your boat, and the investment you’ve put into it, you will need a keel protector. This is a crucial accessory. Get a protector that adheres to the front keel section located under your boat.

9. Headlamp

You will need a headlamp on your boat, especially if you prefer fishing very early in the morning. Besides, should you for any reason return after nightfall, it can be hazardous to attempt to put the boat on the trailer without a good light. Headlamps are also useful should you decide to rig up your rods after dark.

10. Portable Phone charger

It can be scary if your phone battery dies when you are out on the water, and you don’t have a phone charger. In case of an emergency, you need a working cell phone, not one with a dead battery. Bring a portable phone charger to keep your phone’s battery always charged.

These are just a few of the many fishing accessories you might need on your boat. The most important has to do with your safety and that of everyone on board.

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