Bicycling is such a versatile activity. While some do it simply for leisurely riding around their area, others use it as a primary form of transportation, and others still use it for exercise and adventure.

Since there are so many different uses for bikes, it is only natural that there are also a number of different types of bikes that have been idealized for their intended use. Fixie bikes, for example, are a type of bicycle used for both casual riding and transportation around a city or town and as a training tool for cyclists.

What is a fixie bike? Let’s find out about the five different features of this bicycle:

1. Ultimate simplicity

Fixed gear bicycles, commonly called fixie bikes, are the most basic version of a bicycle. They have only one gear, and they use a fixed-wheel setup which means the wheel does not move independently of the cog. This means that the wheels and the pedals are always doing the same thing. Whatever direction the pedals are moved, the wheels will rotate the same direction.

As long as the wheels are moving, the pedals will also move. Fixie bikes have no added gears or features other than the absolute basics required to get the bike moving, and riders don’t have to mess around with gears while they ride, as the bike is only one speed.

2. Cost reduction

Fixie bikes themselves can be less expensive than other types of bikes, although it really does depend on a number of different factors. What does make fixie bikes cheaper, however, is in the repairs and maintenance category. Because fixie bikes are so stripped down and basic, they have fewer components that require maintenance, and fewer moving parts that can break.

For bike enthusiasts who can do their own work and maintenance on their bike, the cost of parts and materials to do the work is significantly lower with a fixie bike. For those who use a bike shop mechanic, fewer trips and less time in the shop takes less of a toll on your wallet too.

3. Energy efficient

The energy the cyclist puts into the pedals transfers very well into the rotation of the wheels because of the fixed wheel structure. As well, as a result of fewer moving parts, and also due to some smart design features, a fixie bike’s single gear is efficient enough to make it a worthwhile option for many cyclists.

Although it is not an ideal option for heavily sloped terrain, most urban areas tend to be flat enough, in general, and would easily support the use of a fixie bike.

4. The gear choice is yours

It is important to note that the user does get to choose his or her own gear. This decision is based off of their cycling style – things like how hard they tend to pedal and the speed they like to go. They can also base the decision of the set gear off of the terrain they intend to ride on.

If it is super flat it may be better to choose a lower gear to facilitate riding. If there are some hills, a higher gear might be better. A higher gear will make it harder to start, but easier to ride up and down areas with hills.

5. Easily customizable

Although the bike itself is stripped down to the basics, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be customized to suit a person’s personality. The handlebars can be changed, the frame can be painted, and there are a variety of accessories that can be added as well. Fixie bikes may be bare bones but they don’t have to be boring.

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