The Kingdom of Thailand is a hugely popular destination for people who go on vacation, with the capital of Bangkok, the most populous and biggest city in the country, being the main destination. In fact, Bangkok is one of the most popular and most visited cities in the world!

More than 90 percent of the population follow Buddhism. There are many things about Thailand that people fall in love with and many people visit it again and again. Let’s take a closer look at the country and some of the things you will really enjoy if you visit Thailand on your next vacation.

1. Affordable

A visit to Thailand is very affordable. You can stay in many hotels or even guesthouses which are not expensive at all. You can even eat food out on the streets and it is relatively cheap to do so. Some of the hotels and even spas are much cheaper when you compare the prices to many other popular destinations.

For those of us living in Canada, we are used to certain things and the prices we pay for them. In Thailand, food and refreshment is cheap, as is your living space, so it is economical and you can live like a king, at least for a short while! You can even afford to hire a travel agent and still have the budget for an enjoyable trip.

2. Weather

Just like most countries, the weather can vary, but when you live in a cold country, you will absolutely love the Thai weather. You can visit Thailand all year round and never have to worry about winter clothes. It is one of those nations that you can wear a t-shirt and shorts throughout the year! There’s very little rain in January and February and a lot in November. The best time to go to Thailand is just after November and before April, but any time is good!

3. Thai Cuisine

Thai food is quite popular with many people in Canada, so imagine the yummy, authentic Thai food you can enjoy in the country itself. There is simply no comparison and only those who have eaten Thai food here and actually had the food there will know how much more amazing it is when you are there. For one thing, there is a lot more variety there whereas here, it always tends to be the same, popular dishes. The wonderful thing is, you don’t have to go to some fancy place to enjoy Thai food. You can actually get some of the most amazing food right out on the streets.

4. The Locals

You will really like the citizens of Thailand. They are very friendly and happy with the tourists. Some countries have some wonderful things about it, which is why people go to visit such places, but their experience is ruined because the citizens can be rude. You cannot say this at all about the people of Thailand.

You can see elephants play polo, enjoy the culture of this Asian kingdom and no trip to Thailand will be complete unless you visit the province of Phuket which is hugely popular with many tourists. One thing’s for sure; you will never forget your trip to Thailand.

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