Despite technological advances, many companies still deal with traditional paper-based operations. Others have switched to a paperless office but still have tons of paper records and documents sitting in filing cabinets.

Relying on paper documents can cause challenges, like the ones described below.

1. Searchability

Let’s face it—looking for a paper document can be difficult. There’s no quick fix. You have to head to the storage room and look through filing cabinets, folders, and boxes in the hopes of finding the exact document you need. Sometimes, you need to go through hundreds of other records before finding what you need. Other times, the file is misplaced, likely never to be found again.

Document scanning services can help you convert all of those paper files into digital files in bulk. Once this is done, you’ll have full searchability functions to find what you need quickly and easily.

2. Lack of Productivity

Paper-based filing increases employees’ workloads and results in lost productivity. Not only do they have to print and file the documents in the storage room, ensuring the correct filing protocols are used, but sorting through and locating the documents wastes their time, too.

It certainly isn’t an efficient and optimized process. It can hinder operations until the appropriate files are found. In addition, employees need to be physically in the office to search for the files needed to do their work. This can lessen productivity when employees are working from home or on the go.

Document scanning services that are designed for high-speed, high-volume scanning can ensure your paper files are transformed into digital files quickly, so your employees can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

3. Need for Storage Space

If your company has been around for a long time, you likely have filing cabinets upon filing cabinets in the office. You probably have several storage areas and you might have cabinets littering your hallways, too.

The more time goes by, the more space you’re going to require.

This is all space that could be better used as office space. When you make digital copies, you can get that space back.

4. Lack of Security

It can be risky to have all of your important papers sitting in a storage room. When it comes to security and privacy of information, paper-based documents are at greater risk of breaches than electronic records.

With paper records, it’s impossible to create a paper trail to track who has accessed information, when, and why. Employees and others can access your records without permission—and you would never know it. On the other hand, electronic files leave a trace and can be audited.

5. Prone to Damage

Natural disasters can hit at any time. A fire can ravage your storage room. A flood, hurricane, or another extreme disaster could completely wipe out your entire collection of paper-based documents. Some records could also be destroyed simply due to wear and tear. If you don’t have copies…then what?

It’s must safer to scan those documents and save electronic copies, which can then be stored in the cloud, safe from all damage.

6. Poor Transportation Options

Sure, you could fax or mail paper files, but this isn’t an efficient process. It’s slow and prone to error. The documents could get lost in transit.

It’s much faster to send over electronic files over the internet. With just a few clicks, you can attach the documents and the person who needs them will get them instantly.

You can more efficiently and safely manage your business documents with document scanning services. Simply send out your documents to be scanned in bulk, in a safe and secure environment, and have the electronic files you need to boost productivity, save space, and protect your documents.

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