You may already be planning your summer trip overseas, which is always an exciting time. Your whole family is pumped up and raring to go! You have decided that you want to rent a car and do some driving through some scenic routes. However, before you get into that driver’s seat, make sure you know more about car rentals and insurance so that you have a much more relaxed trip by following some of these tips.

1. Do Your Homework First

Depending on where you are going, make sure to do some research about the place (or places) you intend to drive in. You and your family have decided that it would be nicer to drive than to use public transport. However, it is still an unfamiliar and foreign place. Learning more about the areas you wish to go to can help your driving experience.

Try to find out information on rush hour traffic, places to park and what common dangers of the road you may encounter. Learn about local signs and be familiar with the road rules. Being prepared can help to ease any stress and avoid certain tricky situations. Remember, you may be driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road as well.

2. GPS

You could save some money if you have a GPS which you can use. You could borrow one from the car rental company, but make sure it is included in the rent. If not, it could cost more if you ask for it at the last minute. Also, make sure to have your destination’s addresses recorded separately on paper, as well as other relevant information. Even though you may have all your modern devices, if your battery dies on you, you could panic!

3. Get The Right Insurance

Everyone knows that insurance can be a tricky thing. You may not realize that the insurance offered by many car rental companies does not include things such as theft from the vehicles, flat tires, broken windows, windshield damage and broken glass on the side view mirror and the rear view mirror! When you think about it, these are most likely the things that could happen! Besides, you are in a foreign country.

What if you parked for a while and came back to see a smashed windshield and two flat tires? Aaaaarghhh! The thing is, it can be hard to choose, as you never know. Just make sure you analyze the options. Check your credit card to see what they offer as well. Check out the wording on your policy. If you get hurt in an accident abroad, you need to have medical insurance as well as insurance for the damage to the vehicle.

4. If An Accident Occurs

Hopefully, it doesn’t happen, but if it does, you need to call the cops immediately. Don’t leave and don’t discuss it with anyone. Just like accidents in Canada, make sure you get the details of the other party. This includes the person or persons, the make and model of the other vehicle, their license plate and their insurance company details. If there are witnesses, get their details as well as this can be really helpful. Take many photos of the vehicles from different angles and of the immediate surrounding area. If you took a photo of a skid mark, this could prove to be huge. You will get a police report which can then be submitted to your insurer. If you are hurt, if possible, call your medical insurer too.

If you are going to drive in a foreign country, be prepared. Be familiar with many things. Know about safe areas, dangers and other driving-related issues. When you are prepared, you can have some peace of mind and enjoy yourself because you’ll know what to do.

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