Online shopping continues to grow and grow…and grow. Whether it is more purchasing power or a higher penetration rate of mobile devices, we are completing a lot of our transactions online.

With Amazon Prime – free shipping, discounts, and a large selection of everyday items – is there even a need to saunter into a store? And it isn’t just Amazon that is providing us the opportunity to buy goods in the comfort of our own home; the astronomical number of digital stores is contributing to the meteoric rise to our Internet shopping.

Moreover, we’re beginning to experiment with international markets. Thanks to greater digital security and affordable international shipping options, we’re trying out stores not named Amazon, Walmart, or

In recent years, Kuwait has been driving the emerging market online shopping boom. Excellent prices, superb promotions, and commendable shipping arrangements, Kuwait may be the next place you do some of your shopping. As usual, you just need to be careful.

Here are five tips to stay safe when you’re doing Kuwait online shopping:

1. Seek Out the Lock in the URL Bar

Nearly every website you go to – financial institution, retail vendor, or streaming service – you will notice a lock in the URL bar. When you’re shopping at a Kuwait-based online retailer, it is important to check for the lock. If you fail to locate it, then perhaps it would be wise to go somewhere else for your shopping needs.

2. Use Strong Account Passwords

Now that you have found a sublime merchant in Kuwait, you likely want to establish a user account. Want to protect your personal information? Use strong account passwords.

To date, even with the barrage of warnings and risks, we don’t take advantage of stellar passwords. How many people are still using “password,” “12345,” or “abc123”? It’s a lot.

When you’re creating an account, be sure to insert phrases, numbers, symbols, capital letters, and anything that else that will make your account impenetrable.

In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

3. Avoid Public Wi-Fi When Shopping

For the most part, public Wi-Fi hotspots are safe and reliable. However, there is still a chance that your use information can be compromised and infiltrated if you’re not careful.

In order to prevent a disaster just waiting to happen, it would be responsible to just refrain from doing your Kuwaiti online shopping using Wi-Fi at a medical office, coffee shop, or shopping mall. All you need to do is wait until you get home.

4. Immediately Check Your Statement

There are two things that you should do once you have purchased something:

  • Check your receipt from the company at checkout and in your email.
  • Inspect the sale on your credit statement or PayPal account.

By simply performing these steps, you can ensure that you are not spending more than you intended, or you don’t have any unexpected charges on your credit card or PayPal.

5. Does Your Computer Have Virus Protection?

Lastly, and perhaps this is a little bit obvious, but does your computer have any virus protection software installed? Whether it is combating malware or ensuring your device doesn’t have any viruses, you should have anti-virus software on your computer before you spend some dollars, loonies, or dinars.

This applies to every form of digital shopping. It doesn’t matter if it is Amazon, iTunes, or Grocery Gateway. You need anti-virus security on your computer at all times.

Will Kuwait become the online shopping capital of the world? Perhaps. Until then, Kuwait is the best kept secret for finding incredible deals on some of your favourite brands. Indeed, there will always be unscrupulous players in every market, but if you shield yourself, then you can continue experiencing sublime savings.

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