Email marketing has been around for a long time and guess what? It works! This method of marketing has yet to become outdated and can land you and your company more business if you know how. Obviously, you cannot send spam or unsolicited emails because it could land you in hot water. Nobody likes spam and it could cause them to complain. Only send emails to those who are in your database.

When done correctly, running a real estate drip mail campaign is an effective and affordable tool. However, you need to stay away from certain mistakes, so let’s take a look at these mistakes and how you can get prospects to open and read your emails.

1. Use Images & Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. The use of images and videos can be very powerful. If an email to prospects only contains words and more words, it can cause them to be turned off. Too much reading is not the greatest idea in an email. Instead, convey your messages with images and videos (along with some test as well) which will engage your recipient much more. It will be more interactive and creative. You could even make your own video with yourself in it, if you are not too shy, or get someone else to do one for you.

2. Your Headline Is Important

Your subject line in your email is incredibly important. A catchy and intriguing subject line can cause them to open it, otherwise, many people actually delete an email based solely on the subject line. You certainly don’t want this as you could lose potential business. Nowadays, many people also use mobiles and long subject lines may get cut off. Instead, use a short and sweet headline with a hint of what the email contains.

Certain words are powerful enough to make them take action. “Today Only”, “Save On”, “Affordable” or “Secrets” are example of words that can cause more people to open your emails. One warning though; keep it real and honest. Do not make them open an email and not deliver on your promise.

3. Offer Great Value

Make emails about your prospects. What do you think they want? What do they find important? Make the information relevant to your prospects and make sure to offer them great value in the email. For example, what would you consider a common problem for homeowners? Send them an email that might solve or offer good advice about it. This can get them excited as they actually look forward to hearing from you again!

4. Call-To-Action

Make sure that all your emails have some kind of call-to-action. After you send them an email, you want them to open it, read it and take action. The action that they take can have something directly or indirectly involving you. You can make them download an e-book or give you a call to learn more. Perhaps you want them to visit your website to look at listings. Just make it clear so that they aren’t confused about what to do next.

When composing an email, make sure to use clear and concise language and be clear about your point. Don’t add any unnecessary information as this will only cause them to skim or ignore this. If you can’t do this yourself, you can actually have someone do it for you professionally and then you can modify it to your liking. Keep it real and offer value and you’ll get more people reading your emails.

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