You decide to sell your house and while you are proud of the place that you called home for quite some time, it is normal to wonder whether it will sell in a timely manner. This is a perfectly normal feeling because the reality is people searching for houses tend to get too fixated on the cosmetic appearance of a home and the look of it during the viewing at an open house.

While the look of your home is no doubt elegant and impressive as is, it could not hurt to give it a facelift for open houses. As a result, more homeowners are considering furniture rental for home staging with when selling their home. Below are benefits of doing so and following through with this idea may just be the little touch your house needs to sell.

1. It looks great

While you are no doubt proud of the look of your home and the furniture that you currently have, renting furniture to stage for open houses will give each room a little extra needed to impress potential homebuyers.

On average, it takes a homebuyer approximately 90 seconds to decide whether they would buy the house after entering it. As a result, you only have one shot at a first impression so you want to make it a good one. Rental furniture for home staging will allow you to bring out the best in each room of your home and put it above the rest of the houses on the market that largely go unstaged.

2. Shows potential of the home

It is great to be creative with different rooms in your home. However, homebuyers rarely see potential in homes, only noticing what each room currently is. Selling your home means having to show them what the house could be and you can definitely do this with rental furniture.

Rental furniture for home staging is beneficial because you can get items that are ideal for each room. For example, instead of having open houses with a dining room table that is old, scuffed up, and does not fit the rest of the room, you can rent a beautiful dining set that becomes the focal point of the room. Sometimes your house may be 3-bedroom home that is 2 bedrooms and a room that you converted into an office or exercise room. Renting bedroom furniture for that last room can allow homebuyers to see it as a true 3-bedroom home.

3. Utilizes space

As mentioned, homebuyers who attend open houses often fail to realize what a room can be transformed into. This includes the space of each room. If you do not utilize the space of the living area, you may have a hard time selling your home.

Renting furniture for home staging is important because you can get items that fit into each room perfectly. For instance, your current couch set may be way too big for your living room and take up space that could be used for other items to compliment that room. Instead, you could rent a couch set that is smaller along with a few other pieces to set the room up perfectly. This will impress homebuyers because not only will it look great, it will make the living area look larger as well.

4. It will sell faster

Obviously the goal when you put your house on the market is for it to sell as quickly as possible. Rental furniture for home staging will definitely allow you to achieve this.

It has been proven that staged homes usually sell after being on the market for about 40 days. Also, those who invested in rental furniture were able to earn significantly more from the sale of the house than those that were unstaged. That way, you can get closer to your asking price as opposed to having to drop the price of the house on numerous occasions due to a lack of interest.

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