Water accumulating in the shower? A clogged drain in the kitchen? The toilet not flushing?

The weekend is meant to relax, unwind and not have a care in the world. Unfortunately, your home’s plumbing decides that this is the opportune time to begin wreaking havoc on your plans.

At least you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one in your neighbourhood having to endure the wrath of your household plumbing. The next time a plumber is available would be in the next 12 hours because many of your neighbours are hiring them, too.

Do you know what this means? It’s time to roll up your sleeves, grab the plunger and remedy the problems yourself. Before you know, your toilet will flush and the water will go down.

Here are five plumbing tips for the weekend warriors:

1. A Plunger is the Key to Civilization

Every home – or at least we hope so – has a plunger. As you will soon find out, a plunger is the key to civilization. This is one of the greatest tools that has ever been invented since it can be a quick-fix for your toilet, bathroom sink, shower drain or the kitchen sink.

If there is a clog, then the simple step is to utilize the plunger and push it down every three seconds. You should work at it for a few minutes. If it doesn’t work then try something else.

2. Grab the Bucket of Hot, Hot, Hot Water

Do you see that bucket? Great! Grab it, fill it up with hot, hot, hot water and leave it at your side.

Now, you need a pair of gloves and you must put your hand in the toilet or the kitchen sink and find out if there is anything clogging the drain. Everything from paper towels to chicken bones, you need to take it out of the water and throw it in the trash.

Once this is complete, grab that bucket of hot water and slowly pour it into the area.

3. Shut Off the Main Water Valve

Whether the dishwasher continues to leak water or there is a faucet that is draining a lot of water, the only measure you can employ is to shut off the main water valve. This is why it is crucial to know where the main water valve is at all times.

4. Tape is Your Friend

Oftentimes, if you have a plumber arriving to your home in the next few hours, a simple plumbing tape can offer short-term relief. These are strong, durable and reliable instruments that can ensure that your leaks are plugged for the next little while until a professional comes to fix it.

5. See Something Early? Repair it

This is more precautionary than anything else, but you should keep on the lookout for any issues in your plumbing. This could entail water slowly refilling the toilet tank, a drip of water emanating under the kitchen sink or perhaps bubbles popping up in your wall.

If you notice something on a Saturday morning, don’t wait until Sunday night to fix it.

Plumbing emergencies are a real pain in the neck. This is one of the worst things that could happen to you, especially on the weekend as you attempt to recuperate from a hellacious week. That said, as long as you have some tools on hand, call a plumber as soon as possible and know the basics, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties in rectifying the situation.

Remember, a tiny leak can metastasize into a flood in a certain part of the room!

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