Wooden watches are a great alternative to standard gifts on holidays. Not only are wooden watches trendy and stylish but they are eco-friendly, unique and sustainably made. We’ve outlined all the reasons below why a wooden watch makes for a great gift regardless of the season.

1. They are Eco Friendly and Sustainable

Unlike classic timepieces that are created from unsustainable materials, a wooden watch is made from eco-friendly parts. Wooden watches make a statement about the environment and that you care about where material is sourced from. This means, it makes for a much more sustainable gift idea that the individual receiving is guaranteed to appreciate. Oftentimes, wooden watches are made from fast growing and easily sourced woods such as bamboo. Meaning, you and the recipient can rest assured that you’re participating in sustainable consumption.

2. Every Watch is Unique

A wooden watch makes for an extremely unique gift. Seeing as it is so unique, you won’t need to worry about others giving the same item. The item is also so different that chances are the person does not already have one. Plus, no two wooden watches are created alike. This is because the wood pattern and gran differ on every cut of wood. Ultimately making a wooden watch the ideal choice as a gift.

3. They Can Be Personalized


Wooden watches also make for a great gift because they are able to be personalized and are easy to engrave. Having the watch personalized can increase the sentimental value of the item. As well, the engraving process does not damage or weaken the wood.

4. They’re Both Trendy and Stylish

Wooden timepieces come in different shapes and styles depending on the model you decide to go with. Wooden watches are available in different shades depending on the type of wood that was used to create it. Models can come in a range of colors which means you are guaranteed to find a design that suits your style. Plus, these watches are sure to garner attention due to how rare they are. Unlike other types of watches that can go unnoticed, a wooden watch is a great statement piece to have on your wrist.

5. Very Long Lasting

Wooden watches are extremely durable and long lasting. Because they are made from such a sturdy material, it can guarantee years of wear. Unlike other materials that may break or damage with time, a wooden watch will be able to withstand anything. That’s because, the material is durable enough to endure scrapes, cracks or breaks. Meaning, the person who is wearing the watch can rest assured that they will get years of wear out of it without having to endure costly repairs or unsightly damage.

6. They are Affordable

Wooden watches can come in a variety of styles. This means, you are guaranteed to find one that is at an affordable price point. Even though the price may be affordable, the individual you are giving the gift to will not be disappointed. That’s because, regardless of the price a wooden watch is still guaranteed to please.

7. The Material is Non-Irritating

The material that is used on classic watches can cause irritations, rashes or reactions. But, when you give a wooden watch as a gift you won’t need to worry about the material irritating the recipient. This is because all wooden watches are made from hypo-allergenic materials. Meaning, the individual that wears the watch will never have to suffer from irritations again.

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