When it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and the sultry summer evenings, you want to make the most of your backyard retreat. You’ve selected the perfect patio furniture and you’re thrilled with the design.

When it’s time to accessorize, think about who will be using the space and how it will be used. Should it be peaceful and serene or will it be the entertainment centre on your street? Will it have a more mature theme, for adults, or a colourful, vibrant character best suited to children?

No matter how you use your space, these items will make your patio inviting and ensure enjoyment throughout the season.

1. BBQ or Wood Oven

Nothing says summer outdoors, like the smell of grilled, marinated steak, or pizza baked in an authentic wood oven.

2. Lighting

Whether you decide on candles, lanterns or electric lighting, make sure your guests navigate stairs, pathways and food areas, safely. There are many options to provide function and just the right atmosphere.

3. Shade

If your property isn’t well-treed and providing natural shade, you’ll want to provide shelter under umbrellas, retractable awnings or permanent structures. Many colours and textures are available to suit your design.

4. Hammock

Whether you choose to string a hammock from tree to tree, or use a freestanding hammock or garden swing, every peaceful backyard needs a place to kick back and relax.

5. Storage Baskets or Bins

Storage solutions are available in a huge variety of sizes and materials, with many functions in mind. From large, wooden or plastic deck boxes to medium-sized wicker or cloth containers, you can easily organize everything on your patio.

6. Cushions and Throws

Many people like to enjoy their patio early in the spring and late into the fall. Use pillows and blankets to add a splash of colour. They are easy to change to match holidays and seasons, and who wouldn’t enjoy the comfort of a warm blanket when the weather gets a little cooler?

7. Kid’s area

When parents are chatting, kids get bored. Keep the kiddos entertained with a variety of activities just for them. Remember those boxes, baskets and bins? Perfect for storing board games, building blocks and craft supplies. A sand or water table and a sun tent could provide hours of fun while the adults socialize with each other.

8. Plants

From flowers to herb gardens, your patio can be the perfect place for plants. Whether real or faux, flowers and greenery can be used to attract butterflies, repel mosquitos or add beauty to your outdoor oasis.

9. Dishes

With a variety of unbreakable or shatterproof options available, patio dinnerware has become super functional and very stylish. You can find dishes, cutlery, serving trays, platters and glasses in a variety of materials, including plastic, steel, melamine and acrylic, all in a style that suits your patio design.

10. Fire pit

Probably the highlight of your patio, the fire is usually the main attraction as people make memories and share stories over s’mores or a glass of wine. Whether you enjoy sitting around a gas fireplace, propane table or a real wood fire, your fire provides the warmth and ambiance that allows you to enjoy your patio well into the autumn months.

With so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t try to do everything at once. Your patio can be a project you add to each summer. When you choose items that compliment each other and fit your style and personality, you will enjoy it for years to come.

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