When you are a kid getting ready to go to summer camp, you can be incredibly excited or you could be nervous. If you’ve been before, then it can help to ease the nervousness, however, if it is the first time, some kids may get a little nervous while also being excited. This is a great and fun time though, because you can make friends or renew acquaintances.

There are so many activities and you will experience the time of your life. The nerves may be due to being away from home for several days, but remember, there are others to look after you too. Here are some tips for those about to go to summer camp for the first time (or even a second time).

1. Making Friends

One of the best things you can do to help yourself settle down quickly is to make friends especially with those in your cabin. Sooner or later, someone is going to start talking to you and if they do, then you did not have to make the first move! You can go around introducing yourself too. Remember, others will feel the same way too, so you are not alone.

Try to slowly make friends with others who are not in your cabin as well. You’ll be surprised how well you will do! Remember, there will be other kids who are at summer camp for the very first time too. They too may feel shy and nervous. Once you realize that, you may feel better and more comfortable.

2. Building The Excitement

One thing you can do to get excited about summer camp is to go shopping with your parents for all the necessary gear you will need. Going shopping for camping stuff will be a fun experience as you pick out stuff you need. This can make you look forward to it with anticipation.

During shopping, your parents may also pick stuff out for you and talk about fun stuff about summer camp and you can ask them questions too. Remember, the folks may have experienced this themselves as young children, so talk to them and ask them all kinds of stuff!

3. Talk To Counsellors

Remember that there are going to be counsellors there and they have the experience to understand and help. If you need to talk to them for whatever reason, you know that you are very welcome to do so. Get whatever is bothering you off your chest.

Counsellors are there to help as part of their duties. The best part is, they were once in summer camp too! It may have been a good few years back, but they went through the same things, so they will know exactly what is troubling you and they will be more than happy to help.

4. Get Contact Info

Hey, why not take a pad and get the phone numbers and email addresses of your new buddies? You can keep in touch with them and maybe see them again the following year. This time, you will be even more excited because you will go to summer camp and meet a bunch of people you already know!

Just have fun and be yourself. Help is always available whenever you need it. Once you are there, you will enjoy yourself so much that you probably want to stay longer! The moment you get home, you’d want to be back! Make the most of everyday because the time will fly as you have a great time.

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