No matter how old we get, it is important to stay active both physically and mentally. Retirement should be relaxing, of course, but you should always have different opportunities to stay healthy and active.

For seniors, the most important way to prolong your golden years is to enjoy consistent activity. Exercise keeps the mind and immune system strong, stimulates the brain, and actually slows down the aging process. Likewise, exercise for your brain helps keep it in-tune and ready to roll.

Here are some activities you can do to keep your body and brain busy to avoid ailments like heart disease and cognitive decline.

1. Sports

Sports like shuffleboard, tennis, and squash are among the most popular, but if you’re up for it, there’s nothing wrong with a basketball game or some ping pong.

Golf is a hugely popular sport and many retirement communities are near at least one golf course. Take some lessons from a pro and either learn the game or improve your swing and form. It will improve your game and you will always have that activity to do during nice weather.

2. Gardening

Gardening has a purpose beyond making flowerbeds nice to look at; getting out in that fresh air and sunshine has a restorative effect!

3. Movie Nights

Movie nights with interesting choices will give you a way to relax with friends while you watch a classic or new film.

4. Games

Brain games are any that challenge you to solve problems, like trivia, Chess, Sudoku, checkers, cards, and more, are often seen in retirement homes. There are many different games you can play to keep your mind sharp.

Bingo is a social game and allows you to catch up with your friends while having a chance to win some great prizes.

5. Music & Dance

Performances like plays, concerts, fashion shows, comedy shows, and dances are all options.

6. Staying Active

Fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape; if your retirement home doesn’t offer a fitness and wellness centre, you can join one in your local community. Take classes like yoga, step, aerobics, aqua fit, weight lifting, and more. Yoga especially offers great benefits like stress relief and stretching. Even those who are disabled or less fit can perform Hatha yoga.

Running or walking is always an option, even if there’s no fitness centre nearby. There are jogging paths and even indoor seniors’ walking centres where you can go during inclement weather. Walk or jog for at least 30 minutes a day. Make sure you stay hydrated and stretch well to keep your joints healthy and happy.

Swimming helps burn calories, reduce fat, build muscle, and eases the pain of some health problems like arthritis. Swimming works almost all the muscles in your body, and the water offers a small amount of resistance while making the work less taxing on sore joints. If you’re unable to swim, just walking in the shallow end of the pool can be enough.

7. Socializing

Chatting with friends is one activity that will never go out of style. Talking stimulates the brain and you get the added benefit of being around people whose conversation you enjoy. Have a coffee or tea while you’re at it, and plan this week’s activities.

8. Sleep

Sleep is important, too! There’s no point to pushing yourself in your daily activities just to ignore your body and not give it adequate rest. Listen to your body and rest when you need it.

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