Steel buildings are very different than other structures in that they require an efficient engineer to properly make a project work for steel building buyers. Making sure you’re working with an engineer and company that can deliver results is absolutely crucial in the construction of a steel building. Here’s more you should know when it comes to steel buildings:

1. What “Turnkey” actually means

Often, when a contractor or steel building company sees the word “turnkey,” dollar signs aren’t far behind it. Turnkey, by definition, “refers to or results from an arrangement under which a private contractor designs and constructs a project, building, etc.” In the steel building industry, if your steel building provider is offering turnkey, they are setting you up for one of two things: disappointment or unforeseen overages. Be very aware of this concept.

2. The Construction Process starts with the design

Drawings are key when it comes to the construction of a steel building. Permit drawings are often required before you can go to a construction company. Often, in order to secure financing on the construction of a building, you need to present and confirm drawings. Preparation is key when it comes to construction and achieving the appropriate permits. You don’t want to have to go back to the government later to dispute anything.

3. The best steel building buyers are highly educated

Purchasing a steel building can be one of the best, most important decisions you make in your life. People who buy them are often enthusiastic, but nervous. Mostly, they are aware and educated about steel buildings’ integrities. Projects can rack up a heavy bill, so there’s no wonder it would be nerve-wrecking. Steel buildings are not a small investment.

4. Reconsider buying from a local contractor

People will often tell you buying from a local contractor is a mistake. Be aware of this as a steel building buyer. When you buy in bulk, things cost less, but the quality also goes down. National contractors typically offer more value to the buyer. The quality is typically better and you can expect longevity with the project. More so, you can expect sustainability. You would hate to make this large and important of a purchase from the wrong contractor. Be mindful. Do your research.

5. Steel building buying has five basic steps

Once the paperwork for your steel building project as a buyer is done, the next step of the buying process can be a bit nerve-wrecking, as we have described above, but fear not! After locking in your price as step one, the next step is reviewing and okaying your approval drawings. After that, you schedule a delivery time that works best for you and your team to unload from the truck, check inventory, and analyze for any potential damage. Be patient with this process.

While there is sometimes a fast turnaround, more extensive projects can take as long as four, to six weeks to reach your location. Everything will come in due time. Be excited about the process. This is a huge deal and you should celebrate as heavily as the steel weighs on your business and buying practices – largely!

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