Let’s be honest: when was the last time you had an enjoyable flight on any of the major airlines? It’s probably been a long time. Despite trying to fly first-class, you can’t seem to have a superb one-, two-, or three-hour flight to New York City, Ottawa, or Mexico City.

If you have the money, then perhaps it is about time you take advantage of air charted flights.

You have heard of it before, but you’re unsure what it is. A chartered flight is when you rent an entire aircraft rather than purchasing individual seats. Moreover, you can choose the departing and arriving locations and times, which is immensely convenient for professional travelers.

Whether your business can afford it, or your pocketbook can, maybe you should avoid the hassle, enjoy the convenience, and relish in the benefits by using chartered flights. Just get the booking.

Here are five booking tips for your chartered flights:

1. Determine the Cost by Shopping Around

You or your company may have the money to splurge, but you still want the best bang for your bucket. If you’re a true penny-pincher, then here is something you should do immediately: find out how much it will cost by shopping around for the best price.

We do it for television. We do it for washing machines. We do it for automobiles. As a smart consumer, we always do our research to get a great deal on a product or service.

2. Be Honest with the Booking Agent

Booking agents are here to help you, not to make sure that you won’t get a chartered flight.

With this in mind, why are you surreptitious by concealing important information?

Indeed, you’re not entering into a contract with CSIS or the CIA. Tell the booking agent where you want to go, what time you want to leave, and what features you expect from a chartered flight. This makes life a lot easier for both sides.

3. Date Set? Book Now!

Are you heading to Honolulu on February 26? Are you traveling to Venice on “business” on December 31? Are you making a pitstop in Tokyo on July 4?

Whatever the date may be, if you know it right now, then book your chartered flight now!

There should be no delay when booking your chartered flight. The earlier, the better.

4. Practice the Right Etiquette

Chartered flights are different from your typical commercial flight. That said, you shouldn’t expect the same experience. You will have different services, more comfort, and, of course, a bigger flight cost.

You should always practice the right etiquette: voice your concerns, remain flexible, treat staff with respect, and be prepared to witness a change in schedule.

5. Always Ask Questions When Booking

If this is your first chartered flight, then you likely have a lot of questions. As you speak with a booking agent, or a representative from the air chartered flight organization, you should ask any and all questions you have. You don’t want any surprises, and you want to make a few confirmations before you head on the airplane.

Simply put: if you’re unsure about something, ask the company. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Considering how much of a hassle taking a commercial flight is – coach or first-class – we all wish we had the money to have a chartered flight. When you do order a chartered flight to Vancouver, Dallas, or Tijuana, there are several things to be aware of, particularly when it comes to cost, booking protocols, and scheduling. Aside from that, you can have peace of mind that your chartered flight will be a sublime experience.

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