There are times when things are going well at your place of employment, Suddenly, there is some managerial change and things can get worse. In order to achieve their fiscal goals, employers may also resort to doing things that may be against the law.

Just about any business will try to cut corners in order to gain the most profit, at whatever cost. Sometimes, an employer will try to cut labour costs by cutting down on your hours or other ways as well. Here are some of the ways employers try to cut costs and save money at the expense of your rights as an employee.

1. Withholding Salary

Sometimes, an employer will withhold an employee’s pay for any number of reasons. It can be due to anger or spite. It could be because an employee is transitioning to another vocation and so the last paycheque is held back as a sort of ransom, because the employee may have a key to the shop which has to be returned. Only when it is will the employer release the paycheque. An employer should not do this as it is illegal. If your paycheque is withheld, you can seek legal advice.

2. Forcing Longer Work Hours

Sometimes temp agencies also break labour laws. They have been known to force temp workers to work more hours than they should. This is not right at all. There are other ways also, such as working while off the clock or requesting that you take work home. Another one (famous in the food industry) is to work while you are having lunch or dinner. It is an employee’s right not to work during these periods, especially since these are mandated breaks.

3. Violating Safety Regulations

Some employers try to be stingy when it comes to safety regulations in order to save on money. This is of course, illegal, as it breaks workplace safety regulations. An employer must spend on maintaining fire alarms and fire extinguishers, for example, while having a clear plan for fire safety. Safety is an important concern for all employees and it is a right that should not be violated. If you, as an employee, notice any safety violations, you should be able to bring this up to your employer as long as you do it in a respectful and professional manner.

4. Illegal Deductions & Stat Pay

Sometimes, employers may make illegal deductions on an employee’s paycheque. If the employee does not notice, they will get away with it. If it is caught, they will plead their innocence and say it was a clerical error or something similar. You need to be really careful. The same thing goes for mandated vacation pay and statutory holidays that you were entitled to but did not receive. The truth of the matter is, many employers and temp agencies are getting away with such violations. Be diligent and try to spot these discrepancies.

One avenue you should definitely consider, especially if you feel you have been treated unfairly by your employer during or after your employment there is to seek legal counsel. An employment lawyer will know all the ins and outs and seen all the tricks in the book. They have the necessary knowledge and experience in dealing with these situations. Get the help of an employment lawyer as soon as possible and get what you genuinely deserve.

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