If you’re a mascot at your school, you’re like to have a customized costume made just for you. This can be a great way to give back to your educational facility.

One of the top reasons to take on this job is to show how much you care for your college. Of course, you may have permission to wear this costume at other places and this could be something fun for you to do. However, you’ll want to know specific tips for doing so because you could face some challenges along the way otherwise.

1. Ask for permission

One thing you’ll want to be certain to do is ask permission to wear the costume. It may not be something that your school is willing to let you do and you don’t want to violate any rules.

Of course, this will vary from location to location and much of being able to wear a mascot costume in another area will depend on administration. Don’t neglect to get a signed consent form in the event there’s any confusion later.

2. Practice wearing the costume

If you’ve not had an opportunity to wear your mascot costume on a regular basis, you may want to practice a while. Taking time to wear it at home or when you’re not in the limelight is a great idea.

This will provide you with the opportunity to get more accustomed to wearing it. The key to helping you feel less stressed about doing so will rest in practice.

3. Remain fit

You’ll want to be in good shape prior to putting on the mascot uniform. Unfortunately, this may mean cutting back on foods that you love but doing so is certain to be worthwhile.

Imagine being able to fit into your costume with greater ease and jumping around for joy. There’s little doubt you can have a lighter load and enjoy yourself in the process.

4. Have a custom fit

The key to stressing less and feeling better in a heavy costume will rest in it fitting as well as possible. The last thing you’ll want to do is try to get through the event in a costume that’s simply ill-fitting.

Of course, this is possible if you don’t attend your custom fittings to have the alterations made. Don’t neglect to show up for each appointment for the best possible results.

5. Invest in a cooling vest

Do you want to get through the event without feeling as if you’re going to catch on fire? If so, you’ll want to wear the right things under your costume.

This will consist of lighter clothing to start with, such as tee shirt and shorts if the weather is hot. Additionally, you may want to wear a cooling vest to help you stay cooler as the temperature gets heated.

6. Stay hydrated

There’s little doubt that water is your friend when wearing a mascot costume. It’s ideal to drink a lot of water prior to putting it on and some when wearing it.

You’ll feel better and much more hydrated in the process and this can enable you to make the most out of your day. Don’t forget how great water is for the body in the first place.

Take time to do what you can to make this a fun and not dreadful event. You’re sure to feel excited when your big event day comes around and this is reason enough to be ready for it!

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