For specialized professionals, keeping up with any trade can be difficult as there are constantly changing factors. Technology has played a huge role in the dental industry and it is important to familiarize yourself with all changes in order to provide your patients with the best possible treatment.

For dental assistants, in order to grow in their field and enhance their skills, continuing education is very important. Many dental practices encourage all assistants to take dental assistant continuing education courses regularly in order to better improve their practice.

There are many benefits that come with participating in dental assistant continuing education.

1. Keep up to date with latest technologies

Technology is the largest, continuously changing factor in the dental industry. In order to implement these technologies into the workplace, all employees need to familiarize themselves with the processes and benefits of each technology. Being able to implement these developments will ensure that your patients are receiving the best possible treatment.

There are many courses available for a specific development or to receive an overview of all recently developed technologies. Dependent upon what the dentist or practice is wanting, a specific technology-based course may be the most beneficial as you can become an expert in that development.

2. Increase salary

Continuing education will create new opportunities for professionals in the dental industry. For those who are just beginning their career, further education is a way to edge yourself above the competition and begin employment at a higher pay grade.

For experienced professionals, proof of continuing education is an excellent negotiation factor while seeking a higher salary. Those who demonstrate growth and desire to enhance their skills are great candidates for a salary increase.

3. License renewal

As a specialized professional, dental assistants are required to renew their license in order to practice. For most states and provinces, renewal occurs by paying a fee and receiving a new practicing card. However, as renewal only happens every few years, this is an excellent opportunity to take continuing education courses.

After these courses have been completed, they can be reflected in your updated license which validates your education and experience. Every few years there are many new changes within the dental industry and by using the license renewal as a timeline, you can update your profile and your skills.

4. Preparation for promotion

Continuing education is an excellent way to advance your career in the dental industry. If you are looking to grow within your dental practice, continuing education will set you apart from your peers. For many dental assistants, a typical career path involves beginning as an entry-level dental assistant to growing into a supervisor then manager.

These management positions become more available if you have increased your expertise and knowledge about the industry. By taking continuing education courses, you are preparing yourself for promotion by learning about the changes in the workforce and maintaining and improving your skill set.

5. Potential subsidizing

All companies want to see their employees grow, both personally and professionally. With continuing education, dental assistants are better preparing themselves to give top quality care to their patients and create an overall better practice. Because of the benefits that an employee is bringing to the practice, many employers offer to subsidize selected courses for their dental assistants.

This meaning that the employer will pay for you to learn and grow. Knowledge and expertise never hinder a practice and employers account for the importance of improving their workforce. If you are considering continuing your dental assistant education, speak to your employer about the benefits that you can bring to your practice.

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