Ever since COVID-19 became part of our lives, Canadians have been actively working to protect our health, both as individuals and as a society. With new safety measures in place, we have become accustomed to wearing masks, keeping our distance and washing our hands.

Thankfully, when we’re on the go, hand sanitizer can help to keep germs at bay. Developed as an alternative to hand washing, when soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer effectively kills germs and viruses.

We’ve put together a list of hand sanitizer benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Benefit #1: Speed of Use

Of course, the number one hand sanitizer benefit is its convenience. It is unrealistic to find soap and water to clean your hands every time you enter or leave a building, touch a surface or your face. Hand sanitizer is the perfect product to tie you over, kill germs on the spot, until you are able to wash your hands properly.

Benefit #2: Peace of Mind

Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can quickly kill germs. Fast and portable, it delivers peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day activities. Many clean with sanitizer after they reach for high-touch surfaces—think door handles, pin pads, crosswalk lights. Knowing you can effectively clean your hands while on the go is important for your peace of mind.

Benefit #3: Personal and Family Safety

While washing your hands thoroughly is the gold standard for keeping your hands clean, while you and your family are out of the home, it is important to have hand sanitizer available. Teach your children the new basics of hand hygiene—every time they touch a door handle or bus seat, it’s a good idea to clean their hands with sanitizer.

Benefit #4: Employee Well-Being

If you own or manage a business, having sanitizer on hand is good for everyone. Not only does it increase the safety of your workspace, but also gives your employees peace of mind. Be sure to have plenty of posters and reminders around your office or work area, reminding employees to clean their hands regularly.

Benefit #5: Brand Collateral

From the onset of COVID-19, hand sanitizer has become part of both business operations and their overall brands. Whether your business welcomes customers onsite or has curbside pickup available, having hand sanitizer visible and easily accessible is a must. Your customers want to know that you are prepared and socially responsible.

In addition, they want to know that your employees’ hands are likely clean. In short, having hand sanitizer available in bulk, along with mask-wearing and social distancing, is now part of your overall brand.

Benefit #6: Brand Awareness

As part of a broad perception of your company, hand sanitizer presents a unique opportunity to create brand awareness through white labels. By having your logo appear on bottles of hand sanitizer, you may be able to reach beyond your current customer base, with the message that you are doing your part during a pandemic. A simple glance will tell potential customers that your company cares about hand hygiene and the overall well-being of Canadians.

Benefit #7: Opportunity to Differentiate

Of course, not all sanitizers are created equal. Some dry out your hands and have a lasting, unpleasant smell. Others feel and smell great, leaving your hands clean, without a sticky residue. Whether you are providing hand sanitizer to customers, employees or using it yourself, be sure to find one that smells good and is light to the touch.

Benefit #8: Part of the Collective Good

As Canadians, we tend to place a deep value on our collective well-being. Generally speaking, we have been wearing masks and following distance rules, as asked of us by our health professionals. Using hand sanitizer when we are out of the home—whether using our own bottle or one provided by our employer or a store—is another way we can respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefit #9: Reduce Waste

Studies show that when hand sanitizer is not available, people get resourceful about avoiding germs. They will often use paper towel, napkins or even cleansing wipes to open doors or manage their way through high-touch surfaces. Having hand sanitizer available allows them to feel safe enough to touch these surfaces without creating a wasteful mess.

Hand sanitizer is very likely part of your personal safety plan at the moment. If you manage employees, a business or a public space, you also have sanitizer as part of your supplies and operations. In addition to providing pump or spray bottles, make sure you display proper instructions for hand sanitizer use, reminding employees and customers about proper protocol, encouraging them to rub thoroughly between fingers, all over hands and thumbs.

Naturally, sanitizing should be used in conjunction with diligent hand washing, but hand sanitizer benefits when you’re on the go can’t be beat.

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