It seems like every day you get a cardboard box in the mail – large and small. It also suggests that you might be doing too much online shopping from Amazon! Don’t worry, we will not judge your shopping behaviours.

But we will point out that if you are throwing out these boxes come recycling day, then you are doing a disservice to yourself, your family, and your home. Why? These boxes can be creatively customized for all sorts of projects in your household, from organization to cat treats.

Unsure how to proceed? Here are nine creative things to do with leftover boxes:

1. Creative Puppet Theatre

Unfortunately, puppet shows have pretty much become extinct in modern-day childhoods. It is a shame because they are delightful, though there are the occasions when you could see a life puppet show at a library or some children’s event.

If you have some leftover cardboard boxes laying around, free time, and a knack for voiceovers and storytelling, then you can use the material to devise a puppet theatre.

2. New Home for Your Cat

Is your kitty condo falling apart? Does your cat need a new home? Do you think that your Siamese or tabby needs some his or her own fortress of solitude? If so, then you can use your cardboard boxes to help you create a new home for your pet, whether it is a simple box with a hole in it or an elaborate multi-story structure.

3. Backyard Playhouse

When you want to avoid shelling out a couple of hundred dollars for those large backyard playhouses for your children, you can always do it yourself by taking advantage of any leftover cardboard boxes. Sure, it might require a bit of ingenuity, creativity, time, and resources.

With this creative idea, you can not only save a few dollars, but you can also develop some new memories with your children.

4. Door Numbers

It might be about time to either replace your worn-down door numbers or add to them with cardboard cutouts. Now, we are talking about just cutting out numbers on the cardboard, but coming up with something unique and creative that will immediately make your door stand out.

5. Drawer Dividers

Let’s be honest: Our drawers are in bad shape as soon as we take out a shirt or a pair of pants. After folding all of our clothes and placing them neatly in our drawers, each drawer goes into disarray when one sartorial item is removed from the pile.

Woe is us! So, what is the solution? That is easy: Drawer dividers. And, because you are taking advantage of your leftover cardboard boxes, you do not need to spend a dime.

6. Cat Scratching Post

No matter what you do, your cat is scratching everything in your home. You may spend hundreds of dollars at the local pet store on a whole bunch of items, but nothing seems to work. When you picked out your cat, you just had the unlucky draw of the one cat that does the most amount of damage.

Well, rather than wasting your hard-earned money on toys, gadgets, and other items from Pet’s Mart or Pet Valu, you can devise your own cat scratching post made out of discarded cardboard boxes.

It might work, too, since you have probably notice that your cat likes the most random things, too!

7. Tablet Case

Tablet cases are expensive. Even for the most basic case, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $150. That is highway robbery!

So, do you know how you can stick it to the man? Use the leftover cardboard boxes for come up with a creative and artistic tablet case. Not only is this a money-saver, but it is also a sublime way to tap into your creative abilities. You can come up with any design you want.

8. Pencil Holder

If you possess a career in marketing, your children love arts and crafts, or you do a lot of artistic design in your spare time, then you are likely working with a ton of stationery and writing or drawing utensils. Do you find that all of these items are scattered all over the place and completely unorganized?

Well, you have two options: keep the mess or create a stationery holder using old boxes. You can organize your workstation with a stationery caddy that can ensure that your tools are not being misplaced and they are not creating a mess in the first place.

9. Popup Desk

Whether you have pre-schoolers or children in the first or second grade in your home, then you are probably witnessing their interest in your office desk. While it is cute, it can be bothersome at times, especially when you are working. Before you know it, they are crying or throwing tantrums.

A simple trick? Well, since you cannot buy a real desk for them (yet), you can also come up with a popup desk made out of cardboard This is a great idea for your kids to do their drawings, read their stories, or pretend to do grownup things. It is cute. Most importantly, you can get your kids ready for when they do have their own desks in their room.

Let’s be honest: You are throwing out cardboard boxes that can be used for so many things in your home, from organization to artistic endeavours. You might find them a nuisance, but they are only a nuisance because you are not taking full advantage of the possibilities.

So, the next time you toss out those eight Amazon boxes, stop for a moment and see what you could do with these materials.

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