When looking for the best shoes for walking around the beach, consider three primary factors; comfort, foot support, and safety. Though some people prefer to walk barefoot, there is no telling what dangerous objects could be hidden in the sand, hence the need to wear shoes. Beach shoes should have a flexible sole to provide maximum comfort and firm support to the foot.

While beach sand might feel good on your feet, when it’s too hot, it can burn your feet. Wearing shoes to the beach not only protects your feet from burning, but it also helps you maintain the right posture while walking. But not any type of shoe is ideal for beach walking. If you can get yourself a pair of water shoes, go for it; but they are a bit pricey. You can also take your pick of the appropriate slip-ons, crocs, sandals, sneakers, or vegan shoes.

Below are six of the best shoes for walking on the beach.

1. Water Shoes

These shoes are made from waterproof materials such as Gore-tex, plastic, jelly or even rubber. They come in different designs and colours. These are the best shoes for beach walking, because they have holes that allow water and sand to pass through easily. Others are designed in such a way as to keep your feet fresh. There are also those with removable inner soles. Ever heard of quick-drying aqua socks?

These are not your everyday socks; they are actually weightless water shoes. They are so light that at times you could forget you are wearing shoes. Their sole is thin, firm, flexible and offers protection from heat or cold, as well as from sharp objects found in the sand. They also tend to drain water quite fast and don’t easily let in sand particles. For water shoes with removable parts, carefully take out every piece and let it dry separately.

2. Vegan Shoes

For the vegans out there, there are vegan shoes that are ideal for walking on the beach. They feature different designs. Manufacturers are increasingly ditching animal-based materials such as suede, leather, wool, pearls and silk for animal-free alternatives.

If you have tried shopping for a vegan product, you know how hard it can be actually to identify a genuinely animal-free product. To be sure, look for those featuring the vegan trademark, an international symbol that guarantees the absence of animal products. It also assures you that no animal testing activities were carried out on behalf of the manufacturer in the course of making the product. On the downside, however, vegan shoes tend to be more expensive.

3.  Sandals

Whatever your experience with sandals, they are among the most popular footwear. Besides the fact that they allow your feet to breathe, they are also light and comfortable to walk in. To wear them appropriately at the beach, make sure they are the right type for your foot arches. They should also have a strap that goes around your ankle so they can remain firmly moulded to your feet.

Sandals come in a variety of designs. Those with a braided upper section and a bungee-lacing closure provide a snug fit to your feet. They also have a microfiber footbed that provides adequate foot support. Besides, their high-traction rubber soles give your feet that extra stability to keep you walking comfortably.

CNX sandals are also great for walking on the beach. These are the best shoes for beach walking since they are waterproof, light, comfortable (thanks to the neoprene lining), have toe guards that protect your toes from injury, and are pocket-friendly.

4. Crocs

You can wear crocs anywhere, not just on the beach. Crocs keep your feet from getting roasted by the ground heat and are incredibly comfortable to wear. However, if you want to engage in strenuous activities such as beach sports, bring along an extra pair of a more appropriate shoe such as sneakers. Engaging in beach sports while wearing crocs can put you at risk of injury.

5. Slip-Ons

Slip-ons are trendy beachwear. Like water shoes, they are comfortable and provide a firm grip to your feet, allowing it to breathe. They are also foot-friendly in the sense that they don’t cause blisters. Besides, they can drain water quickly and dry fast. They have a pull-on tab at the top of their heel. Besides having the beneficial qualities of water shoes, they are comfortable to wear, whether your feet are wet or dry. Since they are lightweight, they are portable and convenient to carry in your bag.

6. Sneakers

Usually, you wouldn’t think about wearing sneakers on the beach. They can be extremely uncomfortable due to the heat. However, the ‘Terrex climacool’ boat sleek sneaker from Adidas outdoor collection is an exception. Courtesy of its outsole and perforated footbed, it allows water to drain out of your shoe. Besides, it comes with a mesh lining that lets your feet breathe, keeping it cool the whole day.

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